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Then Came You Quick View A Lovely Display of True Unexpected Friendship on Screen Grade: B-

Source: IMDB

Then Came You tells a story about a young man named Calvin (Asa Butterfield) whom carries luggage to air crafts and rides around the cart. Calvin believes he has testicular cancer, due to the fact he's been receiving discomfort and pain down in that area, but the doctors believe it's all in his head. One day Calvin comes to a cancer support group, as he gets acquainted with a young gal Skye (Maisie Williams). Skye wants to help Calvin live his life to the fullest, as he hasn't been really feeling himself for quite some time, so cheers to the beginning of a joyous friendship. So the director of this film previous work, comes from another V.O.D. film The Outcasts... That was a bad film, so I was concerned how this will turn out. I gotta say this is a major improvement, despite it has a few problems I actually enjoyed this little movie as I found it cute. Our main characters Calvin and Skye are both likable, both have solid chemistry together, it was a lovely display of friendship as Skye was trying to bring out the life in Calvin. Calvin regarding the belief he had cancer due to discomfort and pain, was relatable to me. See when you feel you have a health problem, as you research online, you have some whacky assumptions when it's just only minor, it happens. My issue with Calvin as a character, is the film really just claims he has discomfort and pain in the beginning, as it never comes back to play ever again. I understand Skye made him better mentally that's why he doesn't have this problem anymore, but in the third act I would like to see it return, as stress builds back up in Calvin's mind. The two main leads have solid performances, I liked Calvin's love interest Izzy played by Nina Dobrev she was nice, the rest of the cast are just fine but easily forgotten. As the film is a dramatic comedy, the comedy material lands a couple moments, but after that it's pretty flat. I enjoyed the scenes with Calvin and Skye with the police officers, however one particular scene felt unnecessary. I didn't care for the last shot in this film, I mean I guess it's cool as a cliff hanger shot, but honestly felt it was unnecessary to cap off a film, regarding a friend and his cancer friend like that. I did admire that this film took a different approach towards this genre, by not adding a cliche introduction scene, of a cancer patient explaining their an ordinary person cursed with a disease. The story was sweet, emotional a few times where you actually feel sort of happiness and sadness while watching this beloved friendship. I will say I like the charming little montage, of Calvin and Skye doing things on her before I die list, including that front yard fiasco regarding getting a job, that was really cute. Overall, Then Came You was a fairly decent enjoyable film. I recommend this film, it's on Netflix. -Mitch Smietana

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