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The Woman Who Ran (NYFF 2020); Grade: C+

Strictly Films welcomes you back to more cover of this years New York Film Festival! Our next film on the block: The Woman Who Ran.

The Woman Who Ran tells a story about a married woman named Gam-Hee (Min-hee Kim) who’s been inseparable from her husband for five years. Her husband has gone on a business trip as Gam-Hee decides not to join him, making this the first time ever they’re apart. Gam-Hee visits some ole pals from Seoul, as they catch up with where their lives are currently at.

The Cinematography does have a home video style as I kind of liked it, it looks cute compared to the other likes of this style that’s been done in student films, it’s a charming looking film. You can even tell from some of the sets like the movie theater setting for example, that everything felt like it was self budgeted, felt wholesome. The Score when presented was elegant and sweet. The cast as a whole was solid all around. Min-Hee Kim playing Gam-Hee had a solid performance, I do believe it would’ve been better if the film maker didn’t hold her back, from delivering an emotional scene where Gam-Hee cries to her friend, as they cut away to a young poet at the door. Gam-Hee as a character was written just fine, there is depth to her as she cuts off the entire world for her marriage, as she’s rediscovering who she is and how she lost apart of herself regarding accomplishing hopes, desires, and relationships with other friends.

The Woman Who Ran is a fairly short film running at a seventy-seven minute run time. My reaction after watching this film was... Nice. I believe this film has fairly written dialogue, in which the viewer is invested by what’s going on, as the conversations between Gam-Hee and these characters were a little engaging. Conversations about their lives mostly, there is a conversation that is dealing with animals and why is that human’s are able to have a somewhat connection with them, but are still able to consume meat. I thought that whole conversation was well done, it didn’t felt like propaganda or anything, it pretty much simplifies why humans choose to be vegetarians and why humans choose to be carnivores. I did felt that one conversation with this one neighbor requesting Gam-Hee’s friend to stop feeding stray cats was funny and thoughtful as well, complimented the conversation from previously well

I think The Woman Who Ran could’ve been a lot better, as it needed more depth around the story. It also holds itself back from delivering emotional punches the film does need, as it is bit of a personal story some of us have dealt with in life once. I felt the ending didn’t do the film much justice, it’s an ending in which doesn’t anger nor disappoint you, but to cap off a story in which our lead character is going through the motions, of not having much of a life other than marriage felt completely random as it’s cap off having a conversation with this speaker. For what The Woman Who Ran is there is enough to like about it, however I felt it could’ve use another twenty minutes of run time, as well as not cutting away towards key moments.

Overall, The Woman Who Ran was a perfectly average film. I do recommend checking this out, could be a well fitting towards a morning coffee table setting. -Mitch Smietana

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