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The Voyeurs; A Hot and Sexy Thriller With Well Executed Twists and Turns. Grade: B

The Voyeurs tells a story about a couple named Pippa (Sydney Sweeney) and Thomas (Justice Smith) whom have just moved in to their own condo out in Montreal. The couple has a clear view across the way from another couple, whom appears to be quite attractive and appears to be unbothered doing sexual acts as their windows are clear as day for everyone to see. Pippa gets oddly invested with the couple across the way, not only on their sexual arouses but also their personal lives as well.

The Voyeurs to me was an effective hot and sexy thriller, that does touch the disturbed nature within humanity, that can compare the likes of engaging in pornography, stalking, or insecurity within ones relationship despite being in a well mannered healthy relationship.

When it comes to human beings and their intake of pornography, it’s extremely hard to understand exactly what is the appeal behind watching complete strangers doing sexual acts?! Especially when you look at a character like Pippa, whom is a highly attractive woman, who has a respectful kind hard working man like Thomas. I believe the reason why Pippa gets involved with this couple as well as unspeakable sinister acts behind closed doors, is because Pippa is quite unsatisfied in terms of her relationship in the bedroom with Thomas.

Pippa makes a valid attempt to try and arouse Thomas with sexy lingerie, as Thomas has fallen dead asleep. You can also sense while Pippa and Thomas partakes in watching another pair having sex across the way, Pippa finds inspiration in partaking in sexual activities while watching the pair having sex in the process. Though what goes on with Pippa and Thomas is nowhere near close to the pair across the way, Pippa somehow finds sexual satisfaction within their sexual activity despite it being so quick without having much passion in the process.

I sense that Pippa like most human beings partaking in watching strangers have sex, it brings a false narrative in what sex is all about. The whole point in sex is suppose to be about being closer within your partner, taking the next step in showing your unconditional love with one another. I mean sex as a concept alone is a beautiful thing, you can create life… Which is why it’s so precious and sacred. But because of pornography, the human mind can result in having a great amount of insecurity, frustration, and the wrong idea of sex as a whole consuming it in the process. The effect in consuming this ordeal ca make one not feel satisfaction out of sex, if isn’t endure with complete lust rather fulfillment with love. That’s how I felt while watching Pippa, as it brings much more clarification as to why the human mind becomes completely tainted while watching pornography.

The stalking factor comes within the film, as Pippa doesn’t have much excitement within her own life and relationship. You look at Pippa’s life as she has a career, a normal healthy relationship, and is financially stable. However Pippa doesn’t endure the reckless care free lifestyle she wished she endure, meaning there would be more excitement involved with her life. So what do people like Pippa do in her case?! Stalk another persons life because they’re much more fascinating and fun than themselves, through social media.

Though Pippa is stalking the couple across the way, compare and contrast it’s almost the same thing, as one documenting their life on social media out in the open is basically the same exact thing. There is so much insecurity within the character Pippa that goes beyond sex, it also comes from within. Is there a valid reason why Pippa should be obsessive over this couple?! Absolutely not, she has a pretty damn good life in front of her. But the thing is the social media perspective can lead us to a great amount of insecurity, no matter how good we have it in life. That’s why many people result in looking up another ones page on social media or follow one another that goes beyond a follow button… The film brings a depressing reality in which showcases human beings as today, as it’s quite saddening if we’re being honest.

As far as the whole narrative… I felt within the themes of this film, it does compliment well with the thriller side of the story. I felt invested during the run time, I also admire the twists and turns this film takes on as it caught me by surprised, as I felt they were executed extremely well. I didn’t see the twists coming at all, though the film does give you brief hints here and there… The hints didn’t totally give it away or had me expecting it was coming.

The Voyeurs does however have problems. I felt Justice Smith’s performance as Thomas was bad, one thing I don’t understand about this performance is his voice… I was pretty confused?! What exactly was he trying to do with this deep voice change of his?! It felt much of a distraction to the film, as anytime he’s on screen speaking any dialogue… It doesn’t work at all.

Sometimes this film can tend to be a little preachy here and there, as sometimes you wish the film would be subtle regarding expressing the meaning in it’s themes. I also had a problem with the final shot, including multiple characters as to why they’re there?!

I’m not sure why this film didn’t click with others, however for me it clicked quite well. The story is good, the themes it’s taking on is good, the performances for the most part are good especially Sydney Sweeney, and when it came to delivering a hot steamy reaction from the audience… This film delivered!

Overall, The Voyeurs is a solid film. I recommend checking this one out, this is a nice date kind of film where both men and women can both enjoy together. -Mitch Smietana

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