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The Vast of Night; May not have any Fancy Effects, But This Film is Special. Grade: A-

The Vast of Night tells a story about a radio DJ named Everett (Jake Horowitz) and a switchboard operator named Fay (Sierra McCormick). While Fay was on the job tuning in to Everett’s radio broadcast, she suddenly hears an unexpected noise while partaking the show. In fact Fay has been hearing this same unusual sound, while she’s operating lines. Everett then requests callers to call in if they know anything about this sound, as it turns out... Everett does get a call. The unknown man knows exactly what is going on, as it has something to do with the sky. Watch as Everett and Fay try to discover what exactly is going on, during a particular normal night in this small town.

The Cinematography was solid for the most part. I did appreciate the film trying to resemble a 1950’s style vibe, as I enjoyed the shots partaking on that small retro television screen. I do feel some color grading regarding the darkness could’ve been better, but for the most part the film was presented well. The Score was honestly pretty damn good, it really sets the tone perfectly in some of the more disturbing scenes and the intense scenes as well. The cast all in all was pretty good too. Jake Horowitz playing Everett played a pretty good performance. I enjoyed the charisma this actor displayed on screen, what could’ve been a really dorky display, turned out to be spot on. I enjoyed the character as well, felt very passionate in journalism and interviewing, he was cool. Fay played by Sierra McCormick also played a really good performance, as her and Jake have wonderful chemistry on screen. I enjoyed the curiosity of this character, as she was really fascinated in anything really. Whether it be the recording device Everett had during that long opening take, the weird noises going on, or simply giving respect towards the story tellers... Just the way she brings herself upon all these different things, was pretty neat. One last performance I really want to discuss is Gail Cronauer, this performance was absolutely great. The way she held her ground on such an intense disturbing scene was honestly breath taking, as it left me cold at certain points.

One other flaw I want to mention is I didn’t care too much for the opening scene. I mean it’s not a bad idea, could be really fascinating. However I just found it very odd, as it left me with quite a headache.

The Vast of the Night.... Man oh man did I LOVE this movie. Kind of resembles Super 8 in a way, only less special effects, which honestly doesn’t matter. The film went on to be nominated for Best First Screenplay at the Spirit Awards, as I’m actually quite appalled that it didn’t win. This screenplay as written was excellent, the writing is so freaking good, as it doesn’t really need all these fancy special effects we come to seen upon recent years regarding Sci-Fi. This all due to a well crafted use of story telling, we are simply being told story after story within a story, as it really elevates the viewer’s mind. The dialogue is so effective in this film, you sometimes have your ears glued on the screen, as every single detail truly matters. The great amount of fascination I had for this film was honestly surprising, even considering how this film has a very small budget, but it’s elevated due to the fact the writing is simply excellent. When you have me extremely pumped, over a couple strangers tilting their head back in a car, losing control of their mind... I mean the scene may not look special to some on it’s own, but with regarding to the context of the dialogue presented, it did felt extremely special. It’s a film that’ll truly excited film lovers and even inspire up and coming film makers as well, truly is a special film. It’s a shame this film wasn’t played on the big screens, a film like this shouldn’t be restricted on a television screen. Disregarding the virus, I’m certain this film didn’t originally have a theatrical destination in the first place. Films are treasured more when they’re on the big screens, a film this special should never be restricted on a television screen, I hope in the future we stop restricting special films like this.

Overall, The Vast of Night is an excellent film and is my favorite of the year so far. I highly recommend checking this one out on Amazon Prime, definitely worth your time. Well done to the cast/crew, the director/writer Andrew Paterson, and other writer Craig W Sanger. I expect a promising future for you two, lord knows what you could be able to accomplish with a higher budget. But for now... Excellent Start. -Mitch Smietana

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