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The Unholy; Grade: D+

The Unholy tells a story about a young girl named Alice (Cricket Brown), who used to be deaf, but since encountering a spiritual presence upon a tree she can finally hear. Alice believes this spiritual presence was done by Virgin Mary, as Alice plans to share her miracle to the world. People flock to Alice hoping to encounter a miracle themselves, as with the touch of Alice's hand, she can heal all including a young boy in a wheel chair that can finally walk. Are these miracles coming from a good spiritual presence or an evil presence?! Find out and see yourself!

The Cinematography was alright, just a basic looking film from a visual perspective. The Score was forgettable, I honestly don't recall it at all and it's been two days since I've seen this film. The cast all in all was mediocre. Jeffery Dean Morgan playing the sleaze ball journalist, whom just wants to make money off of a juicy story rather than earning his fortunate the honest way Talent was eh. The character as written kind of felt under developed, we get this character changes over the course of time, but it's unclear as to why he's got a reputation as a bad journalist, no one mentions what made other firms go against him. Cricket Brown playing Alice was also eh, poor line delivery as many sequences in which is suppose to be serious and scary, turn out to be extremely laughable.

I felt the story of The Unholy wasn't half bad. For the most part: It's fairly engaging. I mean these people embarking many miracles, so of course one would assume it's in the hands of a good spiritual presence. As the ole saying goes: The Devil is a Lie, as the devil can easily manipulate people. So in that regard I felt it had potential to deliver a good story here.

The Achilles heel for me regarding The Unholy is the horror aspect... Every single horror element in this film is extremely cheesy, goes by every cliche in the book, and it's down right terrible. The amount of unnecessary jump scares was pissing me off, as you literally are five steps ahead of every single one of them, as you've seen this ordeal before many times. The visual effects regarding the entity shown is laughably terrible, it even reminisces to The Boy films. I felt they could've been more like The Exorcism of Emily Rose, where they should've been more drama driven than horror driven, as it would've made a difference for sure.

Overall, The Unholy wasn't necessarily good but wasn't necessarily bad either, if you thought what you were getting is what you were expecting to get out of films like this in the past... Chances are that's exactly what you are going to get. I don't recommend this film, I suggest watching Midsommar instead. -Mitch Smietana

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