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The Turning The Biggest Waste of Time in 2020 Grade: F

Source: IMDB

Well congrats to the Kansas City Chiefs on winning the Super Bowl last night, while Patrick Mahomes makes all us Bears fans depressed for years to come... God Forbid. You know one positive Bears fans can make of Mitch Trubisky is he’s not a complete waste of time to invest on... Unlike the film we’re going to discuss right now. The Turning tells a story of a school teacher named Kate (Mackenzie Davis) whom gets a job offer to come home school two young kids Flora (Brooklyn Prince) and Miles (Finn Wolfhard), in a dark ole creepy big mansion with horses and coy fish. What inspired Kate to leave her roommate behind which happens to be her best friend and a comfortable job in a nice setting, is due to the fact Kate can relate to the children not growing up with a parent. What Kate doesn’t know is the kids are a bunch of spoiled douche bags and the house is haunted... Way to go Kate, way to go. What mysteries unfold in why this house is haunted? Why is Miles a complete douchebag? Why do these kids love pulling pranks on this woman, whom is just trying to help them? Why does the old woman in the house cater to these spoiled children? What does Kate’s mentally ill mother, whom loves to paint have to do with anything? Is there a purpose for the Jack Sparrow man, whom loves to sexually harass women behind any of this? Why does this film have more questions rather than answers? So positives I have just a couple believe it or not. Brooklyn Prince is the highlight of this film as she does a pretty good job as Flora. In fact Prince runs laps throughout the entire cast, as pretty much every single cast member completely stumbles across Prince’s greatness. This film also almost completes a side plot, in which a question we as an audience have while watching this film almost gets an answer. Is it a strong compliment for a film to almost answer our curiosity?! Well not exactly, but for a film like this you must give some credit for an attempt in trying to complete a side plot that has some significance to the story. So we all remember Netflix’s original film back in the beginning of 2018 The Open House. A lame horror film in which we were left with more questions than answers, because it was entirely a series of scenes as nothing ever happens. For awhile with The Turning I was willing to give this film in the D rating category. It was a typical stupid horror film, that bored me with a bunch of nonsense and lame jump scares that I’ve seen a thousand times before. While the film almost completed our curiosity as to why the house was haunted, giving us somewhat of a backstory on this entity that’s haunting Kate and maybe making Miles especially whacked out of his mind, becoming a complete douche to Kate and people in general. The film then does something so baffling, to the point where everything becomes completely pointless, and then a few seconds later the film ends... WHAT?! I sat there on my seat, just laughing away because I just couldn’t believe everything this film sets up has literally no pay off or has any meaning as to why everything it was setting up before. The difference between this and The Open House is The Open House does absolutely nothing throughout the run time, The Turning actually almost does one purposeful thing in which apart of this story makes somewhat sense... But then just completely abandons it as you’re not only left with nothing, but now you absolutely have no idea why this was put out in theaters or any form of media in the first place. Seriously DreamWorks and Universal Pictures... WHAT THE HELL WAS THIS?! JUST A COMPLETELY POINTLESS FILM, THAT IS SUITED FOR A PG-13 RATING, JUST TO BRING IN DUMB HORNY TEENAGERS TO BRING IN A QUICK BUCK?! THE AUDACITY! So I want to discuss the character Miles’ behavior, Flora was kind of sweet to Kate a good 75% of the run time, but Miles was just a complete douchebag. I just want to know: What inspires Miles to be such a complete dip shit to this woman?! I can understand some of his behavior problems due to the lost of his parents, but why all these evil pranks?! Why does this amuse him?! The film never explains this at all, as you’re just left with an extremely unlikable character whom honestly felt like a great value version of the lead character in freaking Problem Child. Also why is Flora so afraid of leaving the house?! Like she’s completely terrified of leaving the mansion and nobody knows why that is. That’s the problem with this film: You create more questions that were never solved, than actual answers, it really just pisses me off. Besides Brooklyn Prince I didn’t think any other cast member does a good job. I thought Mackenzie Davis had a mediocre performance, I thought Finn Wolfhard was extremely terrible, and that elderly woman in charge of the house? She felt like a freaking cartoon character, just completely silly. I really have no idea what happened to this film, but why couldn’t it just be dumped either in the trash can or just dumped on a streaming service?! Why are you trying to force people to spend $10 on this complete disaster of a film?! It’s inexcusable and it’s also STEALING! Give back all the money you made off this complete piece of trash and give it to charity, nobody deserves a single dime for this garbage... Alright except for Brooklyn Prince, the rest absolutely not! Overall, The Turning is the biggest waste of time of 2020 so far and may continue till the end of the year. I don’t recommend this film at all, go support Gretel and Hansel a horror film that actually does something unique and tries to have a story that makes sense. Well at least me and the other two people in the audience had a nice laugh afterwards, that was nice. -Mitch Smietana

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