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The Sun is Also a Star A Well Written Original Story,Unfortunately is Weighed Down Grade: C+

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The Sun is Also a Star is about two young teenagers, one whom happens to love science Natasha (Yara Shahidi) and one whom loves poetry and plans to become a doctor Daniel Bae (Charles Melton). Natasha believes love doesn’t exist, as Daniel claims he can make her fall in love with him within a day. Experience a love story unlike no other. So here’s what I liked about this film. Our main characters were both well written, to the point where my time was invested in them, enough for me to care about them. I thought for sure Daniel would be a character with no back story, I thought he was just going to show up in Natasha’s life randomly, like any cliche romance flick would do. Both characters both had solid back story’s, where as the audience we actually care for both of them. When the end is near for the characters, despite my differences I had for the actors, apart of me did felt something within these two because they were well written characters. Natasha is an intelligent being, whom believes love doesn’t exist due to the fact it can’t be observed scientifically. As dumb as she sounds when it comes to her theory of loves‘ existence, you can perhaps say she never has been in a relationship with anyone so it never came across her mind. You can see over time, her differences for love changes as she now fully understands that love is more complex than a scientific experiment. As for Daniel, a man whom is determined to be a doctor... But is he doing it for right reasons?! As Daniel spends a great amount of time with Natasha, you can see him discovering his full potential, seeing him more than just gaining respect from his family. I kind of liked the story, I felt it was refreshing to see something new for once. I liked the whole idea, of love occurring solely by trusting in faith, with signs leading to Natasha and Daniel meeting. The conflicts between these two characters worked out well. Not only towards their romantic side of things, but their personal life conflict. You rarely see this sort of conflict displayed in a film like this, I’m happy it wasn’t overly dramatic as it felt real, as this is an actual issue in today’s world regarding Natasha’s conflict. However there are a few elements of this film, in which weighed down this film’s potential of being solid. The Cinematography is the weakest part of this film by far, majority of the film is out of focused literally. Also the camera work wasn’t that good either, especially in a scene where an altercation happens... It’s a shame because this film is really weighed down the most by the Cinematography sadly. The Score I didn’t care for, I felt the soundtrack selections weren’t all bad, but they are misplaced in many scenes that didn’t go well with the scenes tone. Another main issue were the two leads in this film, I felt both didn’t have good performances. I don’t understand why Yara Shahidi approached this role, talking extremely monotone, her performance was very flat for me. She struggled immensely on line delivery, especially her first scene with Daniel, which I thought that introduction was wrecked because her performance was completely bad in that scene. Charles Melton I believed did a better job than Yara, but his performance was mediocre to me. I think what killed their performances, is they had no chemistry together. I couldn’t believe for one second, that these two were attracted to each other, they felt completely dull together. Say I didn’t believe in love, as you told me my perspective of love would change if I watched this film. Honestly I’d just would laugh at your face, I didn’t feel that connection with these two at all while watching this film. A good chick flick, makes the viewer want to be in a relationship, especially in this particular film but as an end result... I don’t care to be in one, they didn’t have the raw power I needed. I felt as the story and characters alone: This film passes the bare minimum for a chick flick. It’s a shame because if other aspects in this film were even at least average or even believable in chemistry between the main characters, it easily gets a B. Overall, The Sun is also a Star was an average chick flick in some degree, I did enjoy for it’s originality. I would check this one out, it’s a film I kind of like just for it’s story, it be a swell rental in the future. -Mitch Smietana

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