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The Sparks Brothers; Edgar Wright Steps Out of His Comfort Zone and Succeeds! Grade: B+

From the renowned film maker Edgar Wright, whom has brought you hits such as Baby Driver, Hot Fuzz etc., takes on a whole new journey completely outside of his comfort zone in the world of documentaries! Edgar Wright’s documentary film The Sparks Brothers, will be centered around a couple musicians whom are brothers, known as Sparks. The two brothers have been around for DECADES, as they’ve created over twenty five albums, and over three hundred songs. Edgar Wright takes us on a journey in discovering one of the most over looked and under rated artists of our time.

From the past of partaking in Edgar Wright films, you can perhaps call him an out of the box kind of film maker. His films don’t go by the traditional mainstream pathway we’re used to seeing, as his films are truly unique, whacky, and most certainly fun. So it makes sense for Edgar Wright to head towards a documentary direction, where it features two musicians that their music style is out of the box as well and doesn’t follow traditional mainstream values.

The Sparks Brothers brings in an unique style, giving us quite a creative visual experience. I was really enjoying the 2-D stick drawn animation and also the paper Mâché sequences as well, thought it was really cool. Substance wise… On par with the style, as this is honestly the perfect duo to center around your documentary film, in which I believe still a lot of people have no idea this group existed including me. The level of talent and the body of work these brothers made was just mind blowing, as I was hoping to at least at some point recognize one song, but unfortunately I did not and it’s just crazy because majority of the tunes we’re great.

The musical journey within these brothers was genuinely inspiring, as they remained true to themselves and always wanted to grow as artists. Like the speakers of this film said: They could’ve easily just sell out and give the people what they wanted to hear, as surely enough they would become instantly famous. But the brothers just simply never wanted to stoop down to that level as they weren’t all about clout chasing, they remained true to themselves as visionary artists that wanted to make the music they wanted to make, and in some way they achieved their own success. They may not have become superstars, extremely rich, or become extremely famous as the likes of The Beatles and such, however in some way they were quite ahead of the game in terms of funk pop and even electric pop too. Really speaks a level of volumes, for those that genuinely have a passion for their line of work… Make what you want to make, be proud of what you make, and continue on no matter if it’s not selling or is getting you famous because those things don’t matter much.

Going through the brothers life story was honestly dope. Not only are they talented musicians, but they also have grand personalities. They really are the type of people you’d love to sit down and chat about life for a few hours that’s for sure. Going through each and every album was honestly a joy, especially going through each and every cover art as it does play a part to make or break a sale. There’s a lot of cool interesting details within Sparks, that I simply can’t spoil any of it or talk about it as you have to see it for yourself it’s awesome.

My only real complaint about this film is the run time, I felt it was a bit too long as I really felt it dragging much especially in the finale, where it felt like it was taking forever to wrap up. Of course going through twenty five albums and a life story is going to take some time, however there are some sequences more towards the speakers talking about The Sparks, where it either felt unnecessary or just ran way too long.

The Sparks Brothers is a documentary film you HAVE to see to believe, like it definitely opened my mind about life itself and also opened my ears to a grand amount of new music to explore most definitely.

Overall, The Spark Brothers is a pretty damn good film! I highly recommend this film, definitely worth seeing in a theater. -Mitch Smietana

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