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The Silent Twins; Grade: C

The Silent Twins tells a story about twin sisters named June (Letitia Wright) and Jennifer (Tamara Lawrance), who both have a great sense of imagination as they can create unique and fascinating stories within thin air. These twins have a reputation known as being The Silent Twins, considering the fact they refuse to communicate with other people, other than themselves. Here we go on a wild yet dysfunctional trip with the twins.

There are a few main highlights this film has to offer. I felt the style and presentation of the film was quite fun and filled with creativity. Especially within the sequences that involved stop motion clay animation, that resembles the likes of Penny from Pee Wee’s Playhouse. Those sequences highlighted the creative side of the girls, while also showcasing some bright yet dark minds as well.

I also enjoyed the Score in this film, this film’s original soundtrack was pretty good to listen to when presented in scenes. I really enjoyed the finale song We Two Made One, extremely powerful song accompanied by the choir in the background, really bringing the emotional turmoil towards the conclusion of this film, I do sure hope it gets nominated Best Original Song as it’s well deserved. I also felt Letitia Wright and Tamara Lawrance delivered great performances as the twins, delivering not only great chemistry, but also delivering the personality and dysfunction these characters are written on paper as well.

The film however has a couple massive flaws for me. First being our lead characters: Though they are talented in storytelling, as they have grand imaginative minds… However as people I just couldn’t help to be aggravated with the girls. I felt the girls were unable to communicate out loud due to having some kind of disability, involving perhaps speech delay which I’ve dealt with as a kid. You felt for a long time the way these girls are communicating with each other would be telepathically.

But then later on as the girls were able to communicate with a random boy just naturally… It was truly bothersome to experience. The girls just really pick and choose whom they want to communicate with, as they didn’t care about the heartache, turmoil, and frustration everyone including their whole family have to go through. Sure the girls have a gift, but that doesn’t excuse their irresponsible behavior that ran all the way when they’re adults, like enough is enough. 

Even more so: I don’t understand the unhealthy behavior habits the sisters would do to each other. Like they would break out randomly in fights, with no legitimate reason as to why one had to start beating the other one up. It could be a result in poor parenting by the parents: The more you allow dysfunctional childish behavior to go on, the more likely you will have emotionally unstable people as that’s exactly how they became.

The story at hand was slow in pacing, followed by a lack of interest in some regard. Sure what you’re watching is lovely in terms of style and presentation, but as a well thought out narrative is does lack interest quite a bit.

It’s quite a shame by the end result of this film, could’ve been extremely special for all it’s going for but unfortunately falls in the line of mediocrity.

Overall, The Silent Twins was just ok. I would wait to watch this film at home, it’s at least watchable for the presentation and the music especially. -Mitch Smietana

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