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The Silence Quick View Oh goodie Great Value A Quiet Place, just what I wanted! Grade: D

Source: IMDB

Another disaster creature film, that limits human beings capability of making sound.... Jeez where have I heard of this before?! The Silence basically tells a story of miners letting loose super bat creatures, that are blind but can detect sound. Now these bat creatures are taking over the world, as we follow a family with a deaf daughter and that’s about it. For positives I can say the film looks suitable, I also thought Stanley Tucci and Kiernan Shipka were both fine. The rest of it isn’t good at all. I found the Score to be bad, especially the one composed song playing a Dracula theme like music mixed with over powering drums. I didn’t like the creature design of these bats as it looked pretty silly to me. The creature itself and what it’s capable to do was pretty unoriginal, as it copied from other films. Of course The Quiet Place would be a great example regarding the creature detecting sound, but then it copies Alien as these creatures can lay eggs inside of decomposed bodies?! These creatures are pretty inconsistent with regards to detecting sound as well. The story itself felt recycled as I’ve seen it many times before. I don’t get why the family doesn’t turn on the wood chipper, every time they go outside, because it has worked before so why not do it again?! There’s many silly moments, like chucking IPhone’s like their grenades and how this religious group wants the young girl because she’s fertile?! I also felt the narration was stupid, it showed no purpose towards this film as it comes off random and the dialogue displayed was awful. I guess what saves this film from being completely dull is unintentional funny moments, while also mocking the film while watching it, but besides that nothing is worth praising it at all. Overall, The Silence was a bad movie, I don’t recommend watching it all. -Mitch Smietana

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