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The Rescue; Grade: B

The Rescue is a documentary centered around a soccer team out in Northern Thailand, trapped in a Cave. In order to get this soccer team out of this Cave, the military has to contact some of the best Cave divers in order to execute a daring yet dangerous mission.

Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi the filmmakers behind this documentary, have made some rad documentaries in the past, they involve extraordinary human beings. Whether it be Meru or the Oscar winning film Free Solo… They’ve made some cool documentaries, that really explore the daring nature of human beings.

Here with The Rescue, it does go on a similar path like those two documentaries mentioned in terms of daring human beings, however what differs from The Rescue compared to the other two is this time around… There is a significant purpose. Meru and Free Solo is all about accomplishing a personal goal at hand, when in The Rescue a goal is made to save lives.

These Cave divers… You question why they find enjoyment in this activity, but they make you question yourself as to why aren’t you as daring as them?! Think About It: Diving into a Cave is extremely terrifying, especially exploring in very narrow places. However the daring nature of this activity you have to admit, looks like fun when there is no stakes being made as a life and death situation. Yet here we sit here and we’re terrified in doing the regular basis, of everyday life of being a human being… These guys will inspire you in someway.

These Cave divers willingness to take on this mission, when there is some level of importance to be made behind it are heroes. I mean this is without a doubt maybe the most challenging task ever, it only takes one whom actually has years of Cave diving experience to accomplish this mission and even that may not be enough to complete this task at hand. I appreciate and respect the level of courage and the drive these people have, especially when it comes to creating ludicrous solutions where it could potentially lead to death. Even if the solutions they create are insane, what’s better?! Trying or not trying at all?! Sure someone may die, but at least it better to try than not try and have them die in the Cave from lack of oxygen and food.

The looks of the film felt pretty standard, there was one cool little art animation that reminisces towards an historic painting. You can also say this film does drag here and there, as sometimes it can be slow pacing.

Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi once again delivered another rad documentary, as within this documentary they switched it up what we’re used to seeing out of these thrilling directors.

Overall, The Rescue was a solid documentary. I recommend checking this one out, a very inspiring tale that can deliver inspiration in your own life. -Mitch Smietana

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