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The Prodigy Quick View A Enjoyably Fine Little Horror Flick That Keeps Me Awake Grade: C+

Source: IMDB

The Prodigy tells a story of a young kid named Miles (Jackson Robert Scott), whom is special due to his advanced level of intelligence but also having antisocial behavior problems. Miles’ family believes that the other side of him, could be coming from somewhere else like an evil spirit, as Miles can’t recollect the bad things he has done earlier. I was a little hesitate in seeing this film, people seem to not be enjoying it much, as I feared it could be another bad possession movie or something bad like the latest Conjuring universe films. While this film does indeed have it’s problems... It’s not half bad. The Cinematography and Score do not wow you in any way, but are suitable in this film as the look and sound of this film are fine. The cast was fine as a whole. The weakest performance in the entire had to be Miles’ dad, played Peter Mooney. His display in line delivery wasn’t good really at all in this film, it was hard for me to believe any emotion this character was going through, as Peter struggled portraying these scenes of anger and sadness correctly. Jackson Robert Scott playing Miles at times was eh, however he gave us a nice performance. He improved over time and played a well executed messed up evil kid character, I’m kind of impressed because when you ask for this from a small child, often times they suck but this kid did a nice job so kudos to him. Taylor Schilling was eh as Miles’ mother, especially the closing scene at the end... That was terrible. I enjoyed Colm Feore in the small role he played in this film, thought he delivered a solid performance. So I felt The Prodigy worked in some ways and in some ways it didn’t. The story itself kept me engaged and interested in a good way, because they were trying something new instead of an evil spirit taking over, for example The Exorcist and The Conjuring. So it was kind of refreshing to see something different for once in that aspect, but honestly wasn’t bored as it didn’t rely on cheap jump scares which this film does have a couple, but the story just works due to the fact it’s interesting and at times somewhat entertaining. I enjoyed what was inside of Miles purpose of being there, it made sense and wasn’t totally ridiculous in any way. I also enjoyed the scene of Miles and the therapist or whatever you want to call him in that room, best scene in the entire film it was fun. This film does have a couple flaws. This film goes through some editing problems, scenes show up without a purpose. Like for example: Miles drawing creepy hands during a teacher teaching math... What was the purpose in showing that scene?! It just shows up, like it’s suppose to be scary, but honestly kids do that all the time in class, they draw when they’re bored so why show that scene? There are a couple more moments like that as well, weird choices in the editing room indeed. Dumb decision making from the dad that is just frustratingly bad, you know how sinister this kid can get, so why in the world did you even attempt that? I also didn’t get the under cover camera scene, like why would this thing put a camera there for what reason? It was a stupid scene that doesn’t really make sense story telling wise. I can see people’s reasonings behind not liking this film, but for me compared to the other crappy horror films we’ve been getting this one wasn’t half bad. It’s got a nice little story and kept me entertained for an hour and a half, I can see them putting more of these out on V.O.D if they really wanted. Overall, The Prodigy was an enjoyably fine little horror flick. I do recommend giving this a watch, it won’t wow you in any way but you can find some enjoyment in what it has to offer. -Mitch Smietana

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