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The Princess Quick View; Grade: D+

The Princess tells a story about a Princess (Joey King), whom has awaken all chained up on a bed in a gigantic castle. The reason the Princess is chained up is due to the fact Julius (Dominic Cooper) whom tends to overthrow the king, is forcing her hand in marriage so he can permanently take full control of the kingdom. Little does Julius and everyone else know: The Princess has been training as a warrior, so she knows a thing or two about kicking people’s ass. Watch as this Princess fights her way out of this castle, while hoping to help save her family and friends along the way.

Coming off an unexpected massive friends birthday party that featured a party bus, tacos, and a couple hotel suites that I didn’t go home till four in the morning… What better way to keep the party going, by watching the new Joey King film?! Not gonna lie: I was exhausted the entire day, the only thing I wanted to do is be in my bed, watch How I Met Your Mother, and watch this new Joey King movie.

The Princess as a concept is kind of neat. You come to experience a new unexpected scenario in which someone wakes up in an unfamiliar place, in which is HUGE and filled with endless possibilities. Like a castle, you can seriously have fun with this concept and create a new experience within each and every floor or room. For awhile the film kept my interest as I was curious to see how The Princess would try and find ways, to get her out of this ordeal. There’s a couple cool action sequences as well.

Other than that… The Princess was quite underwhelming, as I can see why this 20th Century film was shipped off to streaming, as surely this would’ve been a massive box office flop. I felt the concept was promising, however it doesn’t take the concept where it needed to be. I don’t think we should’ve known about what is outside of the castle on the other side till the very end, that way it keeps our curiosity in tact as in the opening shot The Princess over seas water. You want the audience to have imagination in which they question if there really is a way out, as this castle isn’t placed in the middle of the ocean where there is no way The Princess can even escape unless having a boat or ship of some kind.

While I appreciate the film for giving us some flashback moments, as giving us a backstory of how The Princess was heavily equipped with fighting skills and what is the reason being for her being locked up in the first place. However I felt some flashback sequences should’ve been cut, like some that were shown didn’t felt having much a purpose, as it felt like it was filler for run time.

The gist of the film in terms of The Princess fighting over and over again gotten a bit old, especially towards the ending where you just want it to wrap it up. Sure there are a couple sequences, but after awhile redoing the same exact choreography and fighting style will eventually bore the audience as that’s exactly what it did for me. The film also feels a bit over the place in terms of tone. Like at first this felt like a serious action film, then all of a sudden it then becomes a goofy lighthearted action film… It was definitely weird.

The Cinematography felt too cheap for my taste, even color grading was an issue as well as the colors were a bit over the place. Poor camera work in some action sequences as well, where it’s hard to make of anything going on. There’s two silly moments in which brings out the cheapness of this film. The one sequence where a man was caught on fire looked extremely fake, not to mention another sequence where The Princess flew a few stories down with a man as there was no harm to be done. That’s another thing: The film really made The Princess pretty much flawless, in terms of being rarely unharmed. Like sure the third act is the only time they actually made her vulnerable: But the rest of the film she looks too clean and acts like nothing has been done to her, like she’s coming back up like not even breaking much of sweat it seems like.

Overall, The Princess was meh. I don’t recommend checking this one out, unless you’re like a Joey King fan boy then you’ll kick out of it. So how was the party I attended?! T’was dope, good vibes with a lot of cool people. The only thing I’m bummed out about the party really was all this hype and anticipation inside the party bus, not knowing where we were going… I was REALLY bummed out that we didn’t end up going to a club. The time and setting of it all just screamed CLUB to me, like I was in the mood to bust out the moves. Well at least I bust a couple moves on the party bus, hopefully I’ll be going to the club with the love of my life where she’ll be in town sometime this month hopefully, I miss her so much. -Mitch Smietana

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