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The Perfection Quick View Completely Predictable Silly Story, But it Works Grade: C+

Source: IMDB

The Perfection is the latest romantic comedy, about two highly talented musicians Charlotte (Allison Williams) and Lizzie (Logan Browning). Lizzie has admired Charlotte ever since she was a little girl, in this tale they’ll explore China as they’ll fall in love through their romantic get away.... SIKE. Turns out it’s a thriller that includes butcher knives, cellos, bugs, and rapists... Alrighty then. At first I was actually hating this movie forty minutes in, as I was debating on turning it off, due to the fact it was looking like your typical disaster film. But after that the film gotten better, this is a very weird thriller I must say. Unfortunately this film can be a bit predictable, I saw events coming from a mile away, so there was really no clever twist taken place. I especially hated when a “twist” had taken place, they rewind the film explaining the twist... Like it’s stupid. Some character development is kind of sloppy, especially Charlotte’s character as too much was going on. I didn’t care for a good chunk of the dialogue. I also didn’t like these random shots of the characters screaming and one second flashbacks, those were annoying. What I enjoy about this silly little thriller is that it embraces it’s wild story, as it entertained me. I thought from the poster it was going to be some psychological drama horror, dealing with competitive cello players beating themselves up, like a Black Swan kind of movie. Turns out: It’s a completely weird original story, as it somehow works as you end up enjoying some of the bizarre goofiness it offers you. It could’ve been a better film, but heck at least I was entertained with a weird story, with fun gore for an hour and a half. Overall, The Perfection is a perfectly fine thriller. I recommend this film, it’s a fun little watch. -Mitch Smietana

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