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The Night House; An Instant Sleeper for a Horror Classic. Grade: B+

Before we start this review: Let me apologize to all the readers and supporters, not having this review and the next couple reviews out sooner. I've had a busy work week this week, which took up all my time, in fact the only productive thing I've done during this entire week was watching episodes of Dave ... You know I'm too busy, if I have no time to watch a single film.

The Night House tells a story about a widow named Beth (Rebecca Hall), dealing with the hardships of grieving following the tragic loss of her husband. While Beth grieves alone in this house, she feels a paranormal presence in the house and outside the house.

A couple issues I had with The Night House would have to follow some cliche jump scare sequences that felt unnecessary or didn't quite fit with the tone of this horror film. The way this story is being told... I don't really see much of a purpose in adding these loud jump scare sequences, it didn't fit in majority of the time they were presented. There are some lovely visuals, especially within the finale, however while partaking I couldn't help but notice just how basic this film looked.

I was bound to make a Weekly Roundup with the few films I've watched in theaters a week ago, since I didn't have any time to get to review them. But The Night House refused me to do a such thing to restrict myself to discuss this film to a bare minimum, as The Night House left a major impact on me.

The Night House I felt was more than just a well crafted ghost story, it's also a well crafted story about what the mind goes through in terms of depression. Beth has had a history in terms of being severely depressed, she's been unhappy in just about everything, even including her marriage although her husband been doing just about anything to make her happy. As her husband dies... Beth slowly declines more and more mentally, as slowly she's starting to believe it's all meaningless especially due to the fact she feels completely alone.

Within Beth's time in this house... It truly felt she's in an intense battle within herself mentally. She becomes more and more mentally drained, especially uncovering secrets within her husbands own life and uncovering just how empty she feels inside, to the point where she believes death is the only option worth taking in order to feel a sense of freedom. Within the secrets she discovers about her husband: One may say why the hell would she feel so distress about a man whom has done such awful things?! I believe it's the fact Beth feels she somewhat tarnished her husbands character, as one can take in so much consistent negativity, that one could go completely insane. I'm not excusing her husbands horrific acts, I'm trying to understand Beth's mind and why she still feels entitled to feel worth of importance if this man is still present in her life, which is why due to the fact her husband stood so long and was sincere/caring for so long for Beth... Beth doesn't feel the need to care what he has done, she just misses the one thing that gave her life somewhat meaning.

The relatability within Beth battling the demons inside her mind, in this well thought out sequences really hit home for someone whom has dealt with similar problems of my own in terms of depression. Like this is a well crafted presentation in what one goes through depression, sure it made be told as a ghost story, but I feel it's way more than just trying to create some scares. Beth is a well written character, I truly enjoy her dark sense of humor as though she dealing with a great amount of difficulty within her own mind and life... She still makes room to find some humor within topic of discussions you normally wouldn't try and find something to laugh about. Rebecca Hall delivers a great performance along with it, truly complimented this characters troubled yet like-hearted personality, in which you just want to help her because you know she's a good person, she's just damaged goods.

I loved how this film wrapped up at the end, very emotionally riveting conclusion. David Bruckner made a pretty good creepy horror film following back 2018's The Ritual, now in 2021 he's made a pretty good dark drama horror film that's really a work of art I must say, very cohesive and is just on the money.

Overall, The Night House is a pretty damn good film. I highly recommend checking this one out, def worth the time and money. -Mitch Smietana

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