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The Night Clerk Quick View; Grade: D

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

The Night Clerk tells a story about a hotel clerk, whom does have a disability called Aspergers named Bart (Tye Sheridan) whom works the night shift at a small hotel. Bart also has a little secret: He has hidden cameras in one of the hotel rooms, to study guests and how they talk, as he struggles to communicate due to his disability. Bart one night sees a guest, attacked by a man. Bart comes back to the hotel... But it was too late, as the woman got shot. Bart was then relocated to another hotel, due to the situation... Ok?! Now in this new hotel, Bart is acquainted by an attractive guest named Andrea (Ana De Armas), he grows very found of her as he forms a special connection with her. Witness a crime thriller, a romantic drama, at one point a comedy, and then a crime drama... Oh boy oh boy oh boy (Bart Voice).

You know I could've saved this film a weekly roundup discussion, but since I have an intriguing story to follow up relating to the film... Why not?! Let's talk about the pros of The Night Clerk. The film's portrayal of Aspergers at some points were fine. Like I thought the scene where Bart is pacing up and down, after feeling embarrassed kissing Andrea was good, I've seen people with this condition do exactly what Bart did in this scene before. I believe some performances are fine as well. Like Ana De Armas is perfectly fine in this film as Andrea. John Leguizamo as the detective was fine as well, in the few scenes given. I guess my final pro for this film, is the fact I was interested to see how would Bart handle the footage of the crime scene taken place. I believe he wants to turn in the evidence, so they can find the murderer, but at the same time Bart doesn't trust the detective due to his first impression, as he fears he could face some punishment for placing the cameras in the first place.

That's really all the good things I have to say about the film, other than that I had a difficult time enjoying this film. Speaking of Bart whom has a disability, this film suffers a much problematic disability and it's called Tone Deaf. This film wants to be four different things at once, it changes genre to genre within each twenty minutes as you're trying to understand, what is this film actually going for?! Does it want to be a thriller? Does it want to be a drama? At one sequence it tries to be a comedy... It's all over the place tone wise, with no clear direction of what it wants to be. Let's talk about that comedy sequence: What the hell was that?! It's completely random and unnecessary, as it doesn't fit the tone of this film at all. The story itself was extremely bland to watch, even at times I just paused it because I rather scroll through twitter and find something much interesting, than to keep watching the film. There are so many confusing sequences in the film, in which things don't add up. Like how does Andrea know what Bart is going through, as she apologizes to him?! Do you know that Bart has hidden cameras, as he knows what's going on already?! How exactly do you know why Bart is feeling upset? The finale absolutely makes no sense whatsoever. We're introduced to a plot twist that literally makes no sense, as it feels like she played Bart into getting the footage... BUT HOW DID SHE KNOW HE HAD THE FOOTAGE IN THE FIRST PLACE?! That's not the only thing: Then it follows up to some confusing sequences, that really make your head scratch, and then it cuts to black. It has no clear direction of what it wants to be, not a story worth being investing in, as well as it just doesn't make much clear sense.

Visually and music wise it's pretty dull and forgettable. I don't really enjoy Tye Sheridan's performance much at all, I found his portrayal of one whom has this disability to be extremely annoying and at times inaccurate. Like not all people whom has this condition is this obnoxious, calm down Tye this isn't your Oscar moment. Helen Hunt as Bart's mother was extremely bad, butchers just about every scene she's in. The Night Clerk is a film with an intriguing premise, however it just doesn't know how to present it.

Overall, The Night Clerk is a bad film. I don't recommend this film, save the $2 RedBox rental fee for something much more valuable.

Now it was around two thirty in the morning, as I tried to put The Night Clerk DVD in the Xbox One. Thirty minutes later.... It won't run. When it finally did run, three seconds later... The screen freezes... I don't know why, but the Xbox One is a complete embarrassment. So I put Madden on and it played atomically, as I just relaxed and played a couple games, to let frustration pass by. Now early afternoon today, I put The Night Clerk on my LapTop and guess what?! THE MOVIE WOULDN'T PLAY! Usually the laptop always runs smoothly with DVD's, so this left me in shock. But finally on my Blu-Ray player it worked. So I guess in conclusion: The Xbox One and my Laptop were warning me to not watch this film, as it would leave me disappointed in paying $2 for this load of shit... Understandable. -Mitch Smietana

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