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The Mitchells vs The Machines; The funniest Film in 2021 so Far. Grade: B+

The Mitchells vs The Machines tells a story about a future film student Katie Mitchell (Abbi Jacobson), who is extremely excited to not only got to film school but to be in a place where people actually understand her, unlike her family. Katie and her father Rick Mitchell (Danny McBride) had a fight, as Rick felt extremely bad as reminiscing the old days, where his daughter loved him made him sad and wants to make it up to Katie. So Rick does what all fathers do to make it up for their children... Cancel their flight for school and plan a family road trip to the school instead! While The Mitchells have a glorious adventure on the road, they'll embark a new adventure... ROBOTS TAKING OVER THE WORLD!!! That's right: An unknown glitch/virus gotten into the system of the new Robots, presented at an event similar to an Apple style event. It's up to the Mitchells to save the world!

I hate to sound like an old head: But every time I watch films like these, where they excel on quality, I just get extremely frustrated. Frustrated at the fact that films like The Mitchells vs The Machines do not deserve to be restricted on a television screen... Like it's highly offensive towards the art form, why the hell is this not in the theaters where it belongs?! Please for the love of God Netflix, Amazon, Disney Plus, etc STOP SHELVING QUALITY FILMS FROM THEATERS!!

So from that little rant: Yes I really enjoyed this animated film. The animation was totally brazy, as Sony Animation Studios continues their impressive style of animation from the last few years, being a sleeper contender against the best of the best in animation. I love the design within the characters, I love the world building, I enjoy the goofy filters for the most part till they got a little carried away here and there, but I LOVED the colors presented as it's like experiencing candy on screen.

Loved the characters in this film, it seems like almost every character had a moral purpose whether it be the character itself or delivering comedic purpose, especially the Pug which could've been easily an annoying cliche stupid obnoxious animal, however this Pug was adorable and funny at the right moments. The entire Mitchell family was awesome, they're all funny, I love how they all have charisma and are all a bunch of weirdos.

The lead character Katie felt totally relatable to myself, as far as being a misfit in the world, where the only thing that actually made them feel normal, that they belong, and they knew what it's like to be her was film itself. I love the whole daughter and father dynamic, truly helps moves along the film and helps build a powerful meaningful bond within the two that was lost for a very long time, as they found themselves back. The mother Linda Mitchell (Maya Rudolph) and the son Aaron Mitchell (Michael Rianda) we're absolutely a blast, hilarious and felt totally relatable to my own relationship with my own mother as well.

The antagonist of the film was hilarious and her reasoning to wanting to get rid of humans made a lot of sense, I also loved the comedic gags regarding her feelings against how humans mistreat smartphones and such. What was a major surprise is how funny the robots, whom were dealing with malfunctions of their own... Like they were nonstop fun once introduced, Beck Bennett and Fred Armisen play FANTASTIC ROBOTS!

There are several issues within the film. There's one major logic issue that I can't spoil, but it has to do with Robots is all I'm going to say. The cliches are noticeable from a mile away, as you know exactly when they're coming, including who the antagonist was behind the Robots taking over the world.

The Mitchells vs The Machines not only excels on the animation field and characters, but it also excels on the comedy aspect, as it's perhaps one of the funniest animated films I've seen in a long damn time... Like I was laughing throughout this entire film, from start to finish, it certainly does not disappoint bringing in the laughs for sure. The story was pretty good, a very exciting story dashing in some meaningful emotional ties as well, like you actually do feel for these characters and do relate to what goes on, especially if you're a parent or a misfit. This is honestly the best post Covid film as far as being totally relatable to the entire situation at hand. It just made me reminisce to the entire thing, before it happened, when it happened, all the chaos it caused, learning to appreciate what you have right in front of you, and finding a solution in the end.... It's so weird how this film totally relates to that era I must say. This is definitely fun for the entire family and could've been a potential crowd pleasing film, I have no idea why the hell this wasn't in theaters because this was honestly made for the theaters.

Overall, The Mitchells vs The Machines was a pretty damn good film. I highly recommend checking this one out, it does not disappoint! -Mitch Smietana

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