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The Marksman; 2021 Theatrical Releases Start Off With a Quiet Knock. Grade: D+

The Marksman tells a story about a rancher named Jim (Liam Neeson), who is dealing with financial troubles and grieving over the lost of his wife. One day driving along the border, a small child pops out of nowhere in front of Jim’s car, as he was pleading for help as he crossed the border. The cartel was after the small boy whom was named Miguel (Jacob Perez) and his mother Rosa (Teresa Ruiz), as his mother was carrying a bag full of money stolen from the cartel. While escaping the cartel, Miguel’s mother wanted Jim to make a promise to bring Miguel to his family’s home in Chicago, as she then on passed away. The cartel seeks revenge on not only Miguel, but also Jim as he killed one of the cartel members brother, as Jim and Miguel’s journey to Chicago awaits.

The Cinematography was alright, I don’t think it was a poorly shot film but certainly wasn’t the best visually film I’ve ever seen. The Score was alright as well however forgettable as I completely forgotten about within the day. The cast all in all was... Meh. Liam Neeson playing hot shot old man action hero was whatever, it’s pretty much the same schtick we’ve been receiving in many roles Liam Neeson has played in this genre. As far as the character Jim you understand his current struggle and why he stayed committed on this promise he made to this stranger. Almost every other cast member in this film was honestly bad, as it perhaps the worst ensemble cast I’ve seen in awhile. There’s quite a few unintentional funny moments from the acting alone, also it doesn’t help the cast dealing with mediocre at best dialogue as well.

Our theatrical journey in 2021 begins with a Liam Neeson action film, that feels more suitable for a straight to DVD or a straight to streaming release... At least January theatrical releases continue to be consistent, as this is the month that offers below mediocrity releases.

One major positive I can make for The Marksman is the fact the journey itself in which these characters are involved in, is worth getting invested in. I mean it maybe the same ole dumb Liam Neeson action film we’ve received a thousand times, but at least I was at least invested in these characters traveling across the country, as Jim wanted to do a good deed for this young child who just lost his mother.

The Marksman deals with a repetitive storyline we’ve come to see way too many times, as it almost feels as if I can fully predict what is bound to happen. Like everything that happened in this film did not surprised me at the slightest, as you clearly know what is bound to happen from start to finish, which is kind of lazy from a writing perspective. Also worth noting that the action sequences in this isn’t that exciting, especially in the grand finale where the choreography was TREMENDOUSLY AWFUL, I mean that scene alone should dictate whether or not Neeson should continue making these kinds of films like SHEESH. There’s tons of logic issues, including the finale which I won’t spoil... But how does one just realize they’re slowly dying, when they traveled like many miles to a destination?! I can’t help but laugh at it like come on man. Whatever your first assumption of this new Liam Neeson film was... It probably is it, there’s nothing new, unique, or any originality offered in this same ole cliche Liam Neeson action film.

Overall, The Marksman was basically crap, but thankfully my time wasn’t entirely wasted so at least theres that. I don’t recommend this film, just watch Neeson’s past films of this genre that are acclaimed to be good. There’s an older gentleman sitting next to me in the theater, as the emotional scene plays in the third act, the gentleman started to cry... I didn’t expect that reaction, but hey 2020 killed everyone inside in some way, so I’m happy that gentleman received tears of joy out of this film, to start off the new year. -Mitch Smietana

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