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The Lost Leonardo, Grade: C

The Last Leonardo is documentary film centered around a rare painting, painted by one of the greatest artists in history Leonardo Di Vinci. The painting is known as the Salvator Mundi, which was marketed as the male Mona Lisa or some kind of recreation of Jesus. Here the painting was turned up in New Orleans, the last place you would ever look to find a artifact so valuable coming from the Italian artist. Here in this documentary, we go through the debate whether it’s a real Di Vinci painting or not, as we also go through the absurd art deals and politics involving the art world.

The Last Leonardo I would say is a documentary film which the subject matter has ever right to be explored. Especially given the fact not everyday you would be able discover a painting from the likes of Di Vinci, just sitting around somewhere in a place where no one would ever find it. I believe the debate involving if it’s a real painting or not, followed by what kind of process it goes through to determine if it’s real or not was kind of cool. The whole dynamic of the money side of the art world is pretty insane, I mean real or not this painting can be purchased at a Patrick Mahomes Max Contract type deal… I don’t care who painted it, that’s insanity, especially just to claim bragging rights. I did like the sequences in which captured moments, portrayed as like a painting, gave the visuals a little more style.

The Last Leonardo I believe will be a documentary in which many viewers will find intriguing and fascinating, however for me though I appreciate the story and most certainly believe it needs to be told… I left quite underwhelmed. It’s kind of a surprise given the fact I liked films about paintings in the past, examples Big Eyes, Loving Vincent, and Rueben Brandt Collector. However with The Last Leonardo… The film didn’t latch onto me the way I wanted it too, the material was there I just wasn’t invested in the story as maybe by presentation it left me bored.

I think the whole debate whether it’s real or fake, suddenly gets lost in translation as it turns over to the whole bidding war on the piece of art. Which then brings question whether or not if it was real or fake, as if it doesn’t matter at all, why even bring it up if it’s not going factor in the story?!

Overall, The Last Leonardo was just ok. I would suggest checking out for yourself, I think others will like it more than myself and I do believe it’s an intriguing documentary to watch story alone. -Mitch Smietana

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