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The Lost City; Grade: C

The Lost City tells a story about a romance novelist widow by the name of Loretta (Sandra Bullock), whom has been kidnapped by a very rich man named Abigail (Daniel Radcliffe). The reasoning behind Abigail kidnapping Loretta is for her to help him transcribe symbols in which lead him to some hidden treasure, amongst a lost city in the jungle. Loretta is the only person on planet earth that can actually transcribe these ancient symbols, however because she refuses to do so Abigail has no choice but to force her into doing so. But have no fear: Alan (Channing Tatum) cover model of Loretta’s novels is here to save the day, as he travels all the way to where Loretta is as he hopes to rescue her. Witness a very wild journey into the jungle, as who knows… Maybe they’ll be a lost city to be explored.

If you liked Jungle Cruise, I suppose you’re going to enjoy this film as I felt both films were pretty familiar in terms of narrative and genre. Personally: I prefer this one over Jungle Cruise, however it still didn’t wow me in any way.

I felt Daniel Radcliffe gave a pretty fun performance as the antagonist of this film. The way Daniel delivers a very bitter villain, whom has ton of charisma was quite surprising as normally Radcliffe is usually the good guy in his films, as I was impressed that he was able to pull off this different direction at hand. My favorite part of this entire film for me was actually the reveal of the hidden treasure per say. What I liked about the reveal is it presents a brand new twist to the table, of a kind of treasure you don’t normally ever see in these kind of films, as I felt it was quite wholesome per say.

What really dragged The Lost City for me was the humor aspect. I felt for a film that’s marketed as a comedic adventure film, the comedy material t’was fairly weak as I really didn’t laugh a single time in this film. The gender neutral joke for a man named Abigail… Why?! All that joke did for me was made me cringe, as there was no sense of creativity behind it at all. The whole mansplained joke between Loretta and Alan out in the jungle… Why?!

Speaking of questioning the humor: Why is Channing Tatum still doing that same ole comedic skit, of playing a dumb buff sensitive character?! I’ve seen this gag so many times from him, as I wonder when is he going to realize that this performance needs to learn how to die and never revive ever again?! Come up with something better than this shlock.

I felt the romantic aspect in this film didn’t really click with me at all. Even in the end I felt… How exactly did they develop into liking each other?! If anything I felt they develop themselves as better friends, as they weren’t just working colleagues anymore, it felt as if the film forced them into a relationship at the end. Not everything has to be sexualized you know, some people find value into becoming friends.

The adventure within the narrative was fine. I felt there were a couple exciting moments, one shocking moment involving someone getting their brains blown out.

Overall, The Lost City was just ok. I would wait for this film to be on rental, don’t really need to rush and see this film in a theater in my opinion. -Mitch Smietana

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