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The Last Summer Quick View A Bad Start Towards Summer Movie Season for Netflix Grade: F

Source: IMDB

The Last Summer tells a serious of random stories, based around horny graduates from high school and one nanny graduate set in Chicago. Witness a truly bland and unfunny romantic comedy that’ll have you going “Why did I put this on?” I can easily summarized this film as being a truly awful version of American Pie 2, which is basically the same plot, young horny adults that are on summer vacation. American Pie 2 is a solid sequel, it’s funny, has good characters we care about, a story that actually works and we enjoy these characters because they have fun personalities, their developed well. What does The Last Summer do well?! Absolutely nothing. The Cinematography I know in any romantic comedy, weren’t not suppose to care much on that... But this is a horrendous looking movie. I have a 4K television and somehow the film looks awful in several locations, especially the night club scenes, ugly tone of red and blue... YUCK. The biggest problem with this film is the story by far, there are a couple reasons why that is. For one there are too many side plots going on, too many characters to follow, where honestly half of the characters should’ve been cut off. Like who cares about those geeky teenagers?! Who cares about the nanny?! Who cares about the horny teenager, with the “Bang This Chick” wish list?! Who cares about that one random dude that is trying to be a pro skateboarder?! What works with American Pie 2, is all the characters are connected because they’re all friends, they have actual screen time together and even when away they are interesting/funny to watch alone. Majority of the characters in this film aren’t connected at all, they aren’t all friends so why show them all?! Way too much happening all at once, even some of these side plots are outrageously stupid and pointless. I would’ve rather had Griffin and Phoebe’s story alone, or Alec and Erin’s story alone, at least their side plot was somewhat interesting, the problem is... THERE ARE OTHER STORIES BEING TOLD, SO I CAN’T BE FULLY INVESTED IN THEM CAN I?! The story taken place wasn’t funny at all, the humor is terrible. When the comedy side of your romantic comedy film is bad, what else does your film offer that is suppose to be engaging?! It’s just a bunch of confused teenagers, either trying to have sex with somebody, or their uncertain about their future. The characters aren’t developed nor interesting enough to care about their uncertainties, so why should I bother being invested?! The conclusions in some of these side plots are just... Why? What lessons did the nerdy kids learned?! That lying is ok, as long as you have a good personality?! That as long as you wear a suit, you can get away with anything like under age drinking? What did the horny teen learned at the end? Nothing? I would forgive it if the humor was good or the characters actually had a character, but they don’t so it’s just stupid! Majority of the cast doesn’t look like graduates from high school, I kept thinking they were college kids the entire time, none of them look like high schoolers. The whole thing threw me off, because one of the characters came home from school as it seemed like he came home from college, but he didn’t as he was searching for schools.... The cast will get a hall pass from me, except a few that were extremely bad, but can anyone be good with story that’s just a complete mess, with dialogue that is completely bad?!? Overall, The Last Summer is crown the worst film of the summer so far. I don’t recommend watching this film, it’s a shame because there is some solid cast members in this film... But the script really had no place for them to work with this material. -Mitch Smietana

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