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The Last Full Measure; Please Reopen the Theaters, I can’t Handle Mediocrity Anymore. Grade: C-

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

The Last Full Measure tells a story about a group of Vietnam Vets, pleading their case to have Air Force Pararescuemen medic to be recognize for his heroic act back in 1966, saving more than sixty men. Scott Huffman (Sebastian Stan) has been assigned to investigate this case, interviewing soldiers that were at that moment of time thirty two years ago. Based on a true story, of a war hero finally getting the due he rightfully deserves.

The Cinematography was honestly whatever, nothing special from a visual perspective. The Score was fine, basic generic music, that is forgotten within the day. The cast all in all was the best thing going for this film, it truly looked like everyone cared about the film they were making, which is nice to see. Sebastian Stan playing Scott Huffman played a solid performance, I think his character was the only character that had an arc. At first Scott is bummed out he has to leave an important assignment which would require a promotion, to partake in a case that really didn't matter to him. But once he got involved with the case... He became a better character over time, as he truly knew the hardship of being a vet during this gruesome war, as he too felt the pain of the vets during the lost of a significant solider that didn't get his credit. He also learned the true value of a medal, rather than being just a piece of silver. I enjoyed performances from Samuel L. Jackson, Christopher Plummer, Ed Harris, and Peter Fonda. The character I disliked is Carlton (Bradley Whitford), not only did he become a strange antagonist in the end, but I have to ask: Why assign Scott Huffman to a task like this, if you don't want him to dive deep as to why this war hero didn't get his dues?! The man had integrity to become a great leader, why hand off a task to a man you know that is going to get the job done? That's why I don't understand why he's mad at the end.

The Last Full Measure believe it or not had a theatrical release, I'm saying that because it wasn't advertised much at all. How did it do you might ask?! For a 20+ mill budget, it bombed pretty hard. Did it deserve it?! I honestly think it does, as this film had no business being shown in theaters. While I do think this film has a well balanced cast, with some nice touching moments here and there. The problems with this film I have is presentation, script, and of course maintaining interest. Sure this film has it high end actors, but where did the rest of the money go towards?! Presentation wise it's a very bland looking film, with extremely weak music, boring sets. I can honestly pick five war films from the top of my head, that are much more engaging from a presentation standpoint than this film. The story itself is mediocre, leaving me honestly bored. For a film that is almost two hours, you have to earn that run time and this film could've honesty been cut thirty minutes. It's just war vets telling the same exact story over and over again... There isn't anything new being told about this war hero, it's the same scenario follow by the same exact information being fed time and time again. Other than the war hero's parents... I honestly learned absolutely nothing about this guy, except that moment on the battle field... Which is why I'm asking: WHY DO I NEED TO HEAR IT FIVE TIMES OVER AND OVER AGAIN? You know what I would've liked better?! If the film didn't rush over some important information. Like at the end of the film, Scott goes in front of the camera, pleading his case to get this war hero's dues met. The film suddenly just rushed through the entire thing, as we see the medal getting approved... How exactly did that happen?! I would've liked to hear what was said where Scott Huffman talks in front of the camera or the other court cases, approving this war hero's honor.. But no, let's hear vet number seven repeat the same story again for the 20th time. The film does't handle the mental health of the vets properly, it’s shown a couple scenes and it's forgotten. Honestly I struggled having some sort of interest for this film, I was getting tired while watching because it's boring. You could argue that I watched this late... But I watched a better film right after as I seem to regain my energy. You can appreciate what was accomplished for the war hero, but as a film it just doesn't really standout at all, in fact I would just recommend a better film Thank You For Your Service instead.

Overall, The Last Full Measure is below mediocrity. I don't recommend this film, it's very basic and un-special. Fun Fact: O.J. Simpson went to my theater to see this film, we greeted each other as he asked when The Rhythm Section was opening... The memory of this film, lives on solely on meeting O.J Simpson. -Mitch Smietana

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