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The Kissing Booth 3; An Epic Romantic Comedy Trilogy Deserves an Epic Finale. Grade: F

Front Line Workers made a tremendous impact in our lives last year in 2020. Doctors/Nurses get majority of the credit, working thirteen hours a day almost everyday for us, as they claim their title as heroes rightfully so. 2020 also brought out many unsung heroes known as Essential Workers, workers in which are essential for the human race. Who can’t forget the common grocery store worker, whom was willing to risk their own lives having to handle massive crowds each and everyday. Day by Day, Night by Night, as people swarm into grocery stores trying to scatter any morsel of food they can find or fight an elderly person for the last roll of paper towels… How the common grocery store cashier, produce, stocker, or even the cart boy/gal was able to get through those nightmarish times, they are truly unsung heroes.

Same can be said to our fellow everyday food delivery man/woman, whom was willing to risk their own lives delivering unhealthy fattening foods to the common man or woman. Same can be said for our common fast food worker, whom risk their lives to deliver the goods to THOUSANDS of cars a day, as the average American still can’t learn the basics of home cooking, as they too are unsung heroes. We can go on and on about these unsung heroes of 2020, but there is one lone unsung hero we don’t talk about enough… Vince Marcello!

Who is Vince Marcello?! Vince Marcello, is the visionary filmmaker behind the acclaimed romantic film series brought to you by NetflixTHE KISSING BOOTH! So why is visionary filmmaker like Vince Marcello not only an unsung hero of romantic comedy cinema, but why is he brought up to discussion with the unsung heroes of 2020?! Vince Marcello had a vision with The Kissing Booth, a vision in which to create the most profound emotionally riveting trilogy in romance cinema since The Before Trilogy. Marcello finished his sequel The Kissing Booth 2, as Marcello was one third away from completing his dream of having The Kissing Booth trilogy, that’ll forever change the landscape of cinema as we know it.

However… Covid had other plans. The nation around the world, surrounded by billions of people, were told to stay isolated until we slow the spread. From Two Weeks then became two months, as though restrictions slowly lifted, others have grown uncertain if they would be able to not only go back to work, but to also continue on with their hopes and desires. Vince Marcello became extremely upset, worrying that his precious vision, his lifelong dream, would never be able to see the light of day. The more days that pass on, Vince Marcello’s heart continue to break piece by piece, bit by bit. I could only imagine the agony Marcello was facing at this time, like how can you restrict a visionary artist of his vision?! It’s not fair, damn right IT’S NOT FAIR!

One morning in May of 2020, Vince Marcello looked outside his backyard view, stared for about a good thirty seconds. At last for the first time in months: Thoughts of hope emerge, creating a source of inspiration. Vince Marcello realized… I am an essential worker just like the rest of them. I offer a service that helps people for the better of their well being, as I too would risk my own life for the sake of other people, especially for CINEMA. How can I call myself an artist, when I wouldn’t risk my own life for the blood, sweat, and tears I shed in making The Kissing Booth?! No longer will I let the useless fear mongering ever get in the way of pursuing my dreams, I would rather die with pride and dignity to finish what I started, than continuing to live a pure meaningless life all for survival, without finishing My Kissing Booth trilogy ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Vince Marcello, a man of true bravery and courage went forward as he pursued filming his third and final The Kissing Booth film, a couple months into the pandemic. How would Vince be able to pursue Netflix, his cast, and his crew to come aboard knowing they would have to risk their lives in the process, without sounding like a mad man. Vince Marcello shared his raw fire passion, of how The Kissing Booth 3 would unite the entire nation. The true healing in life is with laughter and love, as The Kissing Booth films have been all about that, as Marcello suggest… Why not heal the nation one last time?! The Netflix Executives, The Entire Cast and Crew fell into tears, as Vince’s raw passion into risking his own life for the people was tremendously touching, uplifting, and heart felt. They all agreed to complete Marcello’s lifelong vision, within the process all were able to sign a full blown contract agreement, making sure the word didn’t go out that they were filming in secret, so no one would be “Canceled”.

Vince Marcello was able to pull off the miracle, as he did completed his life long dream as he wrapped up filming The Kissing Booth 3 in just days. Vince Marcello is not only a treasure in cinema, but he is a treasure amongst humanity. For a man that would not take no for an answer, no matter if the odds were extremely against his favor, to the point of risking his own life… Vince Marcello did it because he loved us, The Kissing Booth fanbase and of course film buffs across the world. When I meet Vince Marcello one day, I’m not going to ask for an autograph, a picture, or tell him “I’m a big fan”… I’m going to ask for a hug and to say... God Bless You Vince, You Saved my Life. I mean The Kissing Booth is all I have in this life, I wouldn’t have no purpose without it, and the fact you were able to risk it all just to give me another couple hours of joy with one final film… What else is there to say?! Long Live the Unsung Hero Known as VINCE MARCELLO, THE VISIONARY FILMMAKER OF THE KISSING BOOTH TRILOGY!

*Fact Checked as told by source at Wikipedia: Apparently The Kissing Booth 3 was yes filmed in secret yes, but was filmed in 2019 in South Africa along with the second Kissing Booth film. Everything told within the story up above was entirely fictional, wildly imaginative though the expense of pure assumption of when The Kissing Booth 3 was announced in July 2020.*

What an introduction indeed: The Kissing Booth 3 is another tremendous work of art, in the worst way possible. The Kissing Booth 3 follows yet another narrative, in which our lead character Elle (Joey King) is facing many problems yet again. Problems within her relationship yet again with Noah (Jacob Elordi), a relationship in which the pair are completely opposite from each other, one is a recovering bad boy that is slowly maturing and one is a teenage girl that acts like she’s five. Problems within her best friend Lee (Joel Courtney), the dilemma of not following through “THE BEST FRIEND RULES” yet again, their Beach Bucket List, and of course the idea of Lee hanging out with another friend that is not Elle. Elle perhaps is just a problematic woman, everywhere she goes… THERE HAS TO BE A PROBLEM! Elle’s father finally trying to pursue a romantic interest, years after his wife died of cancer?! ELLE’S GOT A PROBLEM! Elle not understanding why Noah doesn’t want her to hangout, with a past fellow she kissed about a couple months ago?! ELLE’S GOT A PROBLEM! Elle’s father’s new girlfriend picking her little brother up from soccer?! ELLE’S GOT A PROBLEM! Perhaps it’s you Elle, maybe you’re the problem.

Within three films, you would perhaps see growth and development within our characters over the course of three films. With The Kissing Booth?! Everyone has stayed exactly the same as they were the first Kissing Booth film… Unless you want to count Elle forgiving the man whom slapped her ass in the first film, as she poked fun at the time she got her ass slapped without consent by slapping his ass. You know what’s strange?! This film released the day after Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo had resigned, due to the fact he was accused of many sexual harassment claims and unwanted sexual advances done on women… The timing is just insanity. But seriously: All characters haven’t grown at all throughout these three films. They’re all still stubborn, whiny, selfless, and inconsiderate of anyone's problems of their own. The relationship aspect between Elle and Noah feels like it’s on an never ending loop, what annoys me is the fact Elle’s best friend Lee’s relationship felt like a non factor in this entire series, as you question is Elle in a relationship with both brothers?! Because that’s what it felt like the entire time, I don’t even remember Lee’s girlfriends name for CRYING OUT LOUD! She’s been in all three films by the way, I do recall her famous line “Cockblocking”… What a classic scene.

We can go hours upon hours on stating the many flaws this film has, however it won’t matter because VINCE MARCELLO, JOEY MOTHA FUCKING KING, NOAH ELORDI, JOEL COURTNEY, NETFLIX, AND EVERYONE INVOLVED BELIEVED IN THE KISSING BOOTH! These people were passionate bout this romantic comedy teenager film series, for whatever reason that might be… I FELT IT AND I LOVED THESE TERRIBLE FILMS! They are perhaps the most entertaining bad films I’ve seen in a long time, every time these films come about I get genuinely excited because I know what I’m in for and I’m going to have a damn good time and guess what happened?! I HAD A DAMN GOOD TIME!

The insanity with regards to the characters, the performances, the ridiculous one and done side plots, past characters that are revisited as you completely forgotten their existence, Elle pitching her video game idea of E-Sports merging with Fantasy Sports that made no sense at all as she was talking out of her ass, the epic finale of watching grown up and little versions of Elle and grown up and little versions of Lee as this is suppose to be an emotional moment of their departure to college, compared to the likes of Andy saying goodbye to his Toys in Toy Story 3, and the conclusion of our beloved characters flash forward 6 YEARS LATER…. How can you not have the time of your life?! I laughed so damn hard watching at so many moments, these films are the most effective medicine around, heck it cheered me up and I was going through a rough streak.

The Before Trilogy walked, so The Kissing Booth trilogy could run. These are a collection of films that’ll go down in history, as one of the most joyous trilogy of films our time. Don’t be sad that it’s over… Be Glad That You Got To Experience It. What an epic conclusion to cap off such a compelling trilogy. I laughed, I cried, I cheered, I booed, I sow… The Kissing Booth 3 delivered everything I asked for and more.

Overall, The Kissing Booth 3 is what you expected… Terrible, but a treasure. Of course I’m going to recommend this film and all the other past Kissing Booth films, what works of art. Thank you once again Vince Marcello, I hope one day I will be apart of one of your creations… You are a national treasure in cinema no Nick Cage. -Mitch Smietana

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