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The Kid Detective; Grade: B

The Kid Detective tells a story about a grown man named Abe (Adam Brody), whom at his prime was a profound kid detective that solved many grand cases, that led him to receive free ice cream for life. Abe still works as a detective, however his reputation has changed due to the fact he couldn’t solve the case, of the disappearance of his friend. Abe gets a visit from Caroline (Sophie Nelisse), who’s boyfriend was brutally murdered as Abe gets called upon to solve the case.

The Cinematography was solid in this film, lots of nice cool shots that capture the detective vibe of this film, where films like these aren’t typically made much anymore. The Score was solid as well, simply enjoyable music with some nice soundtrack selections. The cast all in all I thought did a solid job as a whole. Abe played by Adam Brody played a solid performance as this grown kid detective, whom followed his passion and never gave up. Though this character comes off a bit silly, not only is it a well developed character, but it’s a much more serious character than just pulling off some laughs. This character has a difficulty in handling his inner demons, due to the missing of his friend back in the past, while handling yet another brutal devastating case... In which haunts Abe due to the fact he never solved a murder case, plus these kinds of cases really disturbs Abe more so emotionally as letting down the townspeople and the victims families really kills him inside.

Some flaws with The Kid Detective follow through some pacing issues, plus some scenes aren’t as funny nor clever than they thought they appear to be. I didn’t think much of being interested in The Kid Detective due to the title, plus poster looked a little suspect. But with surprising good reviews... I figure I gotta check this one out. I’m glad I did checked out The Kid Detective because I gotta say: This was cool.

The Kid Detective surprised me due to the fact it offers comedy, followed by drama as they both worked really well. The comedic side isn’t half bad, I had some nice genuine laughs, including the one scene where Abe’s parents were following him unexpectedly. As far as the dramatic side: I wasn’t expecting a brutal sequence of violence, followed by an extremely emotional sequence that really can make someone feel for our lead character. The story may feel silly at times, but once it really tries to be serious... It can be quite impressive. I gotta say Abe was a well written character in which could’ve failed immensely, but it does well bringing the audience a laugh, making the audience seriously invested, and even devastate the audience as well. Some of the twist and turns this film has to offer honestly worked well, as you don’t expect whom the main victim was behind the killing of this boyfriend. I think The Kid Detective will surprise people, don’t judge it by it’s title, give it a chance!

Overall, The Kid Detective was a solid film. I recommend checking this one out. -Mitch Smietana

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