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The Invisible Man; Average at Best Thriller Done Many Times Before. Grade: C+

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

The Invisible Man tells a story about a woman Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss) whom has an abusive rich intelligent boyfriend. Cecilia finally escaped his home, as now she lives with her sisters friend. Cecilia recently has been informed her ex boyfriend has committed suicide, as she’s now granted a great amount of money, as long as she doesn't commit a crime or doesn't have any mental issues. Life is great for Cecilia now right?! Think again. Ever since Cecilia has been informed about her ex's death, Cecilia has been noticing she's not alone even when no one is in sight. Could it be a demon, ghost, or a man in an invisible suit stalking Cecilia and just messing around with her?! Who knows!

The Cinematography looked fine, I enjoyed the opening wave shot along with the title sequence. The Score I found it to be extremely over powering and at times extremely obnoxious. There are sequences of loud over barring music, that even at times ruin scenes for me just by the music. Even hearing the music out in the hallways I honestly cringe every single time, like man oh man this score was a total buzz kill for me I really did not enjoy any of it. The cast all in all was good. Elisabeth Moss you can say was the best part of the entire film, as she gives it her all as Cecilia. I honestly don't think this film could be anywhere near effective without her, like I totally bought into her character and believing she was going through the challenges of this crazy ex.

I do have my flaws with this film. For some reason majority of the characters in this film I found completely idiotic at times. Like Cecilia's sister getting mad at Cecilia for a nasty fake email that she thought Cecilia wrote to her... Like really? You believe this troubled woman whom has been abused, would write a hateful email to you for no apparent reason?! Like you gotta be kidding me this woman doesn't seem to have any hate in her body, she looks too scared to say anything bad about anyone including her ex. Then we have another moment where Cecilia's friends’ daughter believes she punched her... When she was like twenty feet away from her. 1. Cecilia can't reach that far to this little girls face for a punch, it's impossible. 2. You gals were having a nice conversation about having a girls night out, why would Cecilia just randomly punch you for no reason?! I don't care if she's a teenager, it's just common sense. There are some dumb character moments like that as well at the end, which I won't spoil, but you can tell why I feel aggravation. The Invisible Man suit... Why do you need all these cameras for on the suit?! Maybe their used for a cloaking device, but it just looked weird to me. When it comes to horror films produced by Blumhouse, it's really give or take. Some are good, some are just straight up trash, you're always on the edge of your seat with this company. I found The Invisible Man to just be an acceptable form of entertainment, wasn't wowed by any aspect, but at least it didn't waste my time. I felt the most entertaining sequence is Cecilia in a prison cell with the invisible man, as it was probably the most fun I had watching the film. I also thought there are some cool unique death scenes, including one partaking at a fancy restaurant. The story itself is fine on paper, it won't scare anyone, but as a story it has a purpose and it fulfills it's purpose just fine. I found the ending to be whatever, especially before that final scene I do want to question why wasn't there much talk about what was discovered?! Like nobody seemed to care once they found out the news, in a world of social media where people cry and complain about the littlest things, you would think there would be a spark of outrage in society during that moment. The hype around this film is somewhat understandable, but I can honestly say it's a bit overrated. It's a typical horror remake with cliches you've seen about a thousand times before, sure it's cool for a nice date night with your gal, but other than that... I've seen it once, will never see it again.

Overall, The Invisible Man is just average. I recommend this film for just a rental, don't need to rush out to see this one honestly, unless you have a date. -Mitch Smietana

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