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The Intruder The Intruder Sucks, but as a Dennis Quaid Super Fan I enjoy Quaid Grade: D

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Happy Summer Movie Season Everybody!! We begin our 4 month journey with a special treat: Dennis Quaid. Growing up Dennis Quaid in movies, was like a kid entering a candy store, pure paradise. Bringing us films like Day After Tomorrow, Cold Creek Manor, The Rookie, Flight of the Phoenix, Yours Mine & Ours and many more. It does not matter if you don't enjoy his movies, what matters is you must learn to RESPEK DA HUSTLE and GREATNESS of the Houston, Texas actor Dennis Quaid! The Intruder is a cliche psychopathic thriller we've seen 50,000 times already, but since Dennis Quaid is in it, that means I'm sold on this film no matter what. Tells a story of a rich African American couple Annie (Meagan Good) and Scott (Michael Ealy), whom are willing to pay 3.3 mill for Charlie's (Dennis Quaid) house out in Napa Valley. Even though Charlie sold them the house, it seems like Charlie has not let go of the house, despite saying he's moving to Florida. He's always stopping by to mow the lawn or help the wives with Christmas decorations, he just won't leave. So what is Charlie's deal and why won't he stop bothering this couple?! We're off to a bright start to the Summer movie season folks! So let's get down to what I actually liked about this film, can anyone predict what I liked about The Intruder?! That's right: Dennis Quaid's performance! He played a solid performance, depsite this film's poor formulated thriller script and the lack of craziness towards the character, which I believe is under utilized easily. At least Dennis gives us a reason why this film is watchable, his performance is filled with fun as he shows an accurate portrayal of a crazy psychopath. It truly brings the only living thing about this film, so thank you Dennis Quaid your efforts towards your craft is always well appreciated. The Cinematography aside a couple nature shots, was a pretty bland forgettable looking film. The house itself did not wow me, as I don't understand why it went for 3.3 mill at all. The Score sucked, generic thriller stock music mixed with soundcloud rapper music. The scene where there was a hit and run, the track playing in the background was just awful, sheesh where did you find this tune at?! At least the film ends with a hilarious rap track that's just funny to hear, as the film goes out with a bang. The rest of the cast... Meh. Meagan Good wasn't too bad, I didn't care for her character which we'll discuss in a bit. Michael Ealy plays the same character in basically every film he’s in, his performance is just whatever because I've seen this exact performance in every film he does. Joseph Sikora known as the friend whom delivered the famous line "Shut your magic lips up"... Easily the worst performance in the entire film, line delivery was terrible as there was so much cringe watching this performance. This film feels like a poor man's version of a film that released earlier Greta. What that film did better it had a cool original concept and utilize the craziness of the psychopath character, plus great chemistry between characters. In this film it's just another basic thriller, we've seen so many times before. What is baffling is how dumb a couple of these characters are. Annie is easily the dumbest character in the entire film, she always believing Charlie is this sweetheart, where he really doesn't prove anything other than he's just a creep. One scene that's just hilarious, is Charlie saying he's sorry to hear about Scott going to the hospital, as I'm just wondering: Why doesn't this woman ask how did he know he was there?! They just got to this house literally a month ago, they haven't made any friends within the community, so how the hell would he know?! Even when Annie knows just how weird this guy is, she stays inviting him over to the house... Just a dumb character. They always question why Charlie hasn't left to Florida yet... Well it's obvious he's not going to leave, because he's been there for over a month now, so just quit asking him that and just get a restraining order done now, it should've been done earlier than later. It has the typical bad cliche thriller jump scares and it's highly predictable. If only this film did a better job with Charlie, as making him a fun crazy psychopath character, where it's a bad but entertaining film, it got some of it right but it should've done more with it. To be honest this film should've been left on LifeTime where it belongs, it feels like a LifeTime movie indeed. Overall, The Intruder was another bad thriller movie we've seen many times before. I don't recommend this film, not worth the time or money on, shouts out Dennis Quaid though for doing his thang, we all proud of you fam keep grinding and shining! -Mitch Smietana 

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