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The Human Factor; Grade: B

The Human Factor is an intriguing look at the United States through the course of decades of years, mainly focused on the first 7 years, in providing peace upon the Middle East. What all started with George W H Bush and his secretary of state’s attempt, in providing a peace agreement between the Israeli's and the Palestines, had to be turned over to the same Secretary however with a new elected president on board Bill Clinton.

I would say the first few years though tragedy struck in Israel I believe, both leaders of each group were willing to listen and cooperate with each other to provide solutions. However when the leader of the Israeli group Yitzhak Rabin was tragically assassinated... Providing Peace in the Middle East was taking many steps backwards than forward. During that five year stretch after the fact Rabin passed, the Israeli leader after him just never could get on board with the Palestine leader Yasser Arafat.

Arafat has done more than enough to compromise in order to try to work out solutions, even restricting how he greets and dresses so they can feel more comfortable in their own traditions... The other side just wasn't willing to put in the effort, the way Arafat did including the president of the United States, as Arafat just wasn't willing to continue going forward. Intriguing documentary of attempting to accomplish Peace, where Peace seems to be nothing more than a fantasy, as also this documentary does display some powerful words in order to get where we need to be or how we view the world the way we want to see it than see it the way it truly is.

Overall, The Human Factor t'was a solid documentary film. I recommend checking this one out. -Mitch Smietana

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