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The Haunting of Sharon Tate Quick View A Complete Atrocity of a Horror Film Grade: F

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The Haunting of Sharon Tate takes a new twist on the Sharon Tate Charlie Manson murders. What if Sharon Tate (Hilary Duff) had the opportunity, to foreshadow the events of her being murdered, so she can change her fate?! Would that be something that may interest you? So I finished watching Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, hours before watching this film. I must say to all those people, whom had a problem with Tarantino's portrayal of Sharon Tate in his film... You all owe that man an apology, while wearing a clown suit. This horror film, which tells the Sharon Tate story, in the most bizarre way, was completely atrocious. They retold a historic tragedy, into making it a complete mockery, of a jump scare, seeing grizzly images, and made it an improper slasher film?! What the hell was this?! Let's start with the opening of this film: It's laughably bad, mixing in unneeded historic footage of interviews, Sharon Tate, and Charles Manson. We have Sharon Tate, talking about fate nonsense, followed by her and her pals being brutally murdered, as well as documentary footage of the real events, as it suddenly jumps a year later... A year later from what?! I thought this was Sharon Tate talking, like she if she was a ghost, describing what she could've done differently... But it doesn't, it jumps a year later as I'm trying to understand, what happened a year before?! I feel her and her friends murdered shown here was unnecessary, just cut this and use the dream sequences. We can say the real life documentary used in this scene and other scenes is tasteless, but the thing that troubles me, is it's not used properly. I've seen in forty to an hour TV shows, retelling a crime story with bits of scenes done by actors, we also have interviewers talking about the events in a documentary style. So why didn't the film maker just did that?! Instead of just butchering a real life tragedy, making a dumb tasteless horror film, at least either construct it properly or just make your own movie?! Like why does this need to be involved with Sharon Tate in the first place?! I feel like there is no aspect in this film done well or even suitable. Like The Cinematography is bad, some characters heads in scenes aren't even in frame, especially drowning someone in Act 3. I hated The Score in this, not only does it remind of bad stock horror music, it just pissed me off. The cast is terrible by everyone. I loved Hilary Duff as a child, more towards a recording artist than an actress, she's adorable in some roles but def never really convinced me as a solid actress. She's painfully bad in this, her line delivery... I'm confused what's she going for?! She's trying to pull off some elegant fancy portrayal, it just feels and sounded goofy, for a serious horror film it's embarrassing. Anytime she's talking in black and white narration, it's the worst. Hilary Duff movie wise hasn't done anything relevant in awhile, I felt this was a wrong choice just cause she rarely ever has worked anything horror or even close to a serious drama, I guess Raise Your Voice is the closet thing to a serious drama. She's more suited for Rom Com's and Family flicks, in horror... NO NO NO, I still love Hilary Duff but not in this. The other actors are painfully awful, the cult members look silly, Sharon Tate's friends are unlikable and just displaying bad performances. I hated the story, as it doesn't really work at all. I guess as a concept it's ok, but when you're adding Sharon Tate's murders to this... It's just disgraceful. If it was it's own thing, I'd probably wouldn't care too much just cause it's just a bad LifeTime television movie, but it's not, it's totally butchering and disrespecting historical figures. The horror element makes me want to puke, dream sequences, visions, jump scare cliches, vile imagery that is just stupid including a bath tub full of blood... I mean, what gives?! Either do it accurately correct and constructing it the way it should've been constructed, or just make your own story. Overall, The Haunting of Sharon Tate is a flat out embarrassment in horror cinema. I don't recommend this film, just throw money at Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. -Mitch Smietana

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