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The Gentlemen The First Dope Film of 2020 is Finally Here! Grade: B

Source: IMDB

The Gentlemen tells a story revolving a man named Mickey Pearson (Matthew McConaughey) whom owns a Marijuana empire and is trying to sell it to one whom has a clean reputation. Trouble arises as many others would like to foil Pearson’s plans and would like to acquire that empire for themselves. Witness an action packed comedic fun film. I think I described the plot as simple as I can without giving much away. The Cinematography t’was pretty good, very interesting shots you would normally never see in a film like this. The Score was pretty groovy, enjoyed the soundtrack selections and the composed music in general. The cast in this film all in all I thought were pretty damn entertaining as a whole. Matthew McConaughey playing Mickey Pearson was honestly bad ass, he fits this character’s personality perfectly. Just simply a man you just don’t want to mess with at all, he may look like a simple skinny Caucasian, but is built mentally a bengal tiger. Charlie Hunnman playing Ray was pretty good as well, I thought he had excellent chemistry with everyone, mainly Hugh Grant especially... Could watch an entire film of those two talking in a room. Hugh Grant playing this sleaze ball black mailing character Fletcher was pretty damn good, man Hugh Grant really letting out his acting chops these days, I’m impressed. Don’t get me wrong: I enjoy Hugh Grant in chick flicks more than the average norm, but here and Paddington 2 he’s just going for something new and he’s honestly just flat out awesome and I consider him to be underrated as an actor. Collin Farrell playing Coach was honestly a highlight of this film, he stole every scene basically, make a spinoff off this character alone PLEASE! Couple other supporting roles I liked from the likes of Henry Golding, Michelle Dockery, and I AM THE RULES himself Jeremy Strong... That Serenity pun never gets old. I do have some flaws for The Gentlemen. Like the film Legend, the strong accent can sometimes be incomprehensible as you can’t make out of what a character is trying to say. I did felt a bit lost in the beginning, took a little bit to get things rolling into a direction where things were connecting on the right track. Some of the ending felt jumbled, too many things happening at once. Guy Ritchie just came back from securing the bag with the Aladdin (2019) live action remake. On one hand we can complain that film is a laughable piece of crap, where we shouldn’t take Ritchie seriously anymore... But on one hand, maybe doing that film helped him finance The Gentlemen so could be a nice pay off. The Gentlemen is the first DOPE film of 2020, I absolutely enjoyed this film. The film offers a variety of many things and does them all well: Action, Drama, Comedy, and a little hint of romance as well. The story itself once it gets going is entertaining as hell, with characters that are easy to follow due to every single one of them has a great amount of swag. What surprises me about Ritchie’s direction in this film, it looks like every single cast member not only wants to be there, but wants to outshine the other. It really goes back and forth with entertaining performances, as sometimes you can’t tell whom is out performing whom, it’s quite inspiring. The humor in this is raunchy, but it lands quite nicely in many moments. I’m surprised Ritchie put in a UK rap number in one scene... Very risky, but found it to be quite funny and even a bit interested, in how he came across making a scene like that one. Sure the film can seem over the top and silly at times, but I felt it complimented the entertaining vibe it was going for. Compared to the other crap we’ve been getting towards the beginning of 2020 in film, The Gentlemen lets loose and has a ball with the audience that needed a good time at the movies. Overall, The Gentlemen is a strong solid film. I recommend checking this one out, get a group of friends together and have a fun time. Well done Ritchie, Farrell, Strong, and McConaughey: A year ago you were in duds and then bounced back with something dope, very nice to see, more please. -Mitch Smietana

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