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The Estate; Grade: D

The Estate tells a story of a couple sisters named Macey (Toni Collette) and Savanna (Anna Farris), whom owned a little cafe that their dad inherited before he passed away. Unfortunately Macey and Savanna may have to kiss goodbye to that cafe, as the bank has declined to give the sisters another loan. Macey and Savanna’s Aunt Hilda (Kathleen Turner) is terminally ill as she only has a few days to live, as Savanna suggests to go down for a visit not because they care about their aunt, but more so to seek out her inheritance before she passes. It’ll take a great deal for Macey and Savanna to secure any kind of inheritance, as Aunt Hilda is not only an extremely unkind person, but there is also family involved competing for the same thing as well.

It appears that I have a new tradition: Whenever there is a major Election going on in America, I simply have to watch a comedy film… Which both go together considering how much of a shit show our voting system has become. Anyhow: I’m extremely surprised this film somehow managed it’s way into a theatrical release, as it’s more considered a straight to V.O.D. release due to the quality of this film despite having a couple well known stars.

I will say for a positive: The Estate does have a couple positives. I honestly like the concept of this film, of a couple desperate sisters hoping to make amends with their wealthy relative before they pass, hoping to secure some kind of wealth. Not only does it fit the perfect modern day nature of everyday Americans as they’ve become over the top greedy, but at least there is a moral purpose in these girls hoping to secure a beloved landmark their father started from the ground up. Believe it or not: There are actually a couple laugh out moments. One particular scene involving a sandwich was probably my favorite comedic scene, this film also attempts on some raw and raunchy humor as at least the sequence in the third act actually brought a good laugh out of me.

Despite a couple laugh out moments: Can’t help to think how poorly delivered the rest of the comedy material is in this film. Majority of the comedy consists of raw, raunchy, and a bit of loud bad attitudes as it was really annoying some to watch. Anna Farris whom we haven’t seen star in a comedy film in over four years, as we can obviously see why… She was extremely unbearable to watch in this film. Almost every single sequence she’s in when she attempts at comedy, is just completely annoying as if it’s watching a woman going through a mid life crisis, there is no sense of growth within her comedy material as she went completely dull here.

There is also recurring jokes, where the film desperately tries immensely hard to get the audience on board as it never lands. Especially with a creepy relative character, where his whole shtick is wanting to be romantically involved with Savanna or Macey… Like give it a rest, it wasn’t funny the first time, won’t be funny the 30th time it’s reintroduced. I found Kathleen Turner’s performance terrible as well, I understand her character is a horrible person but she’s extremely annoying as she doesn’t deliver a comedic display you hope to get out of someone like her.

I say within the concept at hand: The story was dull for my taste. I really felt the comedy really needed to help elevate the story to where it needed to be, as because the comedy was so weak, the film brings me a tough time to sit through.

Overall, The Estate was a bad film. I don’t recommend this film, I’m surprised Toni Collete out of all people was involved with this project… I hope she secure a bag at least because holy shit. -Mitch Smietana

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