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The Death of Dick Long Quick View The Lean on Pete Cinematic Universe has Arrived! Grade: B

Source: IMDB

The Death of Dick Long is a mystery/comedy, about a local buddy named Richard aka Dick Long, whom is apart of a lousy garage band so happened to have died last night. Like the townspeople, the police, the medical staff, and the audience would like to know... How did Dick Long died last night?! This comes from one of the film makers that brought you 2016's Swiss Army Man, a film that has received mixed criticism but I’m one of the lucky ones that really enjoyed the crap out of that film. I felt The Death of Dick Long to be a solid follow up, not as good as Swiss Army Man, but this was a nice comedy. So a quick flaw to discuss before diving into everything. When it's revealed to how Dick Long died last night: Flat out hilarious scene. The major problem is the film dies down right after the punch line is delivered to us. I felt the film became more predictable at this point, lost of interest as well, comedy was dying down too, just everything from that third act and finale was just underwhelming. The film landed it's knock out punch too early I suppose. Both the Cinematography and Score were just ok, which was disappointing considering how both of those areas excel in Swiss Army Man especially the Score I mean the music in that film is spectacular. I enjoyed the cast in this film, seemed like everyone did a good job and delivered their part in the comedic tone of this film. Zeke and Earl played by Michael Abbott Jr. and Andre Hyland were a dynamic duo together, both played good performances. They were both on a roll with the comedy material as well, had some laugh out moments from them as well. I really liked the female cop characters, thought they were both funny and reminded of characters from Fargo. You can tell this film was made by one of the guys that brought you Swiss Army Man, by the way the storyline is... Another weird film, that is delightful and funny. Everything leading up to the main reveal was just hilarious, watching dumb southern folks is always a pleasure to watch because they're so entertaining and funny it's just great. The scene where Zeke believed covering up a bloody backseat with a blanket, is suddenly not going to leave a stain or make things worst is just hilarious and has great pay off moments. The film is weird because the mystery surrounding this local southern man's death felt completely strange. His buddies literally left him outside of the hospital, lying their unconscious. It didn't look like they were capable of killing him, so what could have possibly have happen to Dick Long?! Though a comedy, it's delivers a solid mystery trait towards the film which I got to say I'm impressed because I had no idea it would all lead up to that reveal. I feel those whom didn't like Swiss Army Man will like this one more, though still weird I feel it fits more towards their comfort zone. It's a solid watch, where you can sit, relax, and have some fun and enjoy a few good laughs. Overall, The Death of Dick is a good film. I recommend this film, available to rent on Amazon/Itunes Store. Good job A24: Shelving another good film away from the theaters... I feel like a disappointed child right now. -Mitch Smietana

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