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The Cursed; Grade: B

The Cursed takes place in a small village in France, where a community murders civilians over the fact they held ownership among their land as well. These civilians however were not your everyday regular beings, these people were actually Gypsies as they held ties to black magic and such. So they put a curse on this community, as whomever holds onto the teeth that is shaped to be a werewolf, will be cursed and to be transformed into a monster like creature that resembles like a werewolf.

Been a minute since I’ve seen a film about a werewolf, I’ve forgotten the last time there was actually one. The Cursed was surprisingly not half bad.

I felt the entertainment value in terms of generating scares, creepiness, and some gruesome gore sequences was honestly effective. The creature design can be a bit unsettling to look at as I felt it was done very effectively. I was really surprised with the death sequences and the gore, like they did a pretty swell job as it was quite entertaining to watch at times. I felt the story at hand was simply done, there was a cause in which those murdered people wrongfully and the effect was karma basically… Sure by the numbers you may say, but it worked out.

Some flaws I have more so have to do with some effects and such, as it can be a bit goofy more so the finale especially. There are some dull moments here and there, as the slow pacing can be bothersome as though I was a bit exhausted… In those moments it hit especially. The reveal at the end didn’t really carry much weight as the film maker thought it would, wasn’t bad at all just wasn’t impressed with it at all as I honestly didn’t think it would come back to that moment in the beginning.

Overall, The Cursed was a solid film. I recommend checking this one out, I doubt this will revive the werewolf era of film, however at least there was some appreciation to be made for it’s existence. -Mitch Smietana

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