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The Call of the Wild Now That’s a Good CGI Boy Grade: B

Source: IMDB

The Call of the Wild tells a story about a large spoiled dog named Buck. Buck recently got kidnapped, as he was sold off to be a sled dog. Watch a weak spoiled dog like Buck, become a strong leader right before your eyes. The Cinematography t'was nice I suppose, captures the cold snowy climate nicely. The Score was fine, I remembered some moments of an upbeat composed music that had me excited. The visual effects were honestly not too shabby. Would it be better if the dogs were real?! Absolutely, I find it extremely lazy they chose to CGI the dogs instead of having real dogs. Dogs are intelligent animals when trained properly, we've seen it done countless times in cinema history, why stop?! But I still found the visual effects to not be distracting enough, where I would question if it was a real dog or not. Buck our lead character the design was quite convincing enough for me, to where I had feelings for the dog. Anytime the dog got hurt, I clinch my fist ready to fight in battle against those whom harm the dog. If I didn't believe that dog wasn't real, I wouldn't be emotionally attached to the dog, so I give the film props for the visual effects done on the animals. The cast in this film all in all were solid. Harrison Ford playing our main human character John played a pretty good performance. I felt the film did a good job with writing a completed character like John, to where he's not only interesting but you actually care about this character. The film doesn't rely it all on Buck thankfully, so it was pretty heart warming to watch Buck and John's bond. I really enjoyed Omar Sy's performance and character in this film, it was honestly quite entertaining watching him and Buck's relationship too. I do have a couple flaws with this film. I felt the momentum in the third act was disappointing, as the film really slows down. Buck and John are going on an adventure to this one grand location, the thing is... They get to this location very quickly, which makes the rest of the way just honestly less exciting than what it should've been a fun third act. I didn't care for the antagonist of this film, found him not only annoying but quite stupid... I mean even his crew was getting on their nerves so I’m not the only one. I found The Call of the Wild quite enjoyable to be honest. This film satisfies me in a few ways: A simply told exciting story, a good dog, and the lead characters worth being invested. It's a simple formula to have in any dog movie and this one just has it. Majority of the Buck sequences were absolutely exciting, especially during a battle he has with a dog at the end of the first act. It also has a nice message to grow up into being their own person, rather than relying on everything being handed to you. It'll be a treat to dog lovers and to audience whom are looking for something fun to watch. Overall, The Call of the Wild is a good dog movie. I recommend this film, it's a good time at the movies. -Mitch Smietana

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