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The Black Godfather Quick View You Can’t Resist this Offer Grade: B

Source: IMDB

The Black Godfather is a documentary about the life of the unknown icon figure Clarence Avant. Clarence made a big impact in the music industry, you can say he worked mainly as a manager/producer like qualities, t’was an excellent entrepreneur as he knew how to persuade people into doing things. We go through Clarence’s humble beginnings, triumphs, downfalls, and a quick recovery to the top once again. I found this to be a good documentary film. Clarence Avant’s story was interesting and even fascinating at times. I knew nothing about this man, after watching this documentary I must say I respect this man. He not only made a huge impact in the music, television, sports, and film industry... But he made a huge impact on the African

American community, not because of himself personally, but his unwilling desire to mentor others so they can succeed at a high level. What is great about Clarence is those that he helped, he didn’t charge a single dime because even though he claims life is all about numbers, helping others shouldn’t cost a dime as he wanted to see others achieve a great level success and be getting what they deserve. The deals he pulled off were extraordinary, including making Jim Brown the football hall of fame legend a movie star, as well as getting Hank Aaron endorsement deals. Clarence Avant also can be one to look up to as a role model. He lived a life where there was no fear in his body, he went after the things he desired as he didn’t care what people thought of him because of his skin color, he just got what he wanted as a result he lived a successful life. He didn’t cry and complain rarely ever, he just knew that life is worth living by taking difficulties head on and just hope for the best. He’s a great example of how a life should be lived, I hope when people do watch this documentary they gain something out of it, as they try to adapt his character like qualities to them. Main flaw is the fact this film felt like a documentary, while also it got boring at times because the level of interest died down near the second half. Overall, The Black Godfather was a solid documentary, I enjoyed it and gain something out of it. I recommend this film, it’s on Netflix now. -Mitch Smietana

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