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The Biggest Little Farm Quick View Grade: B+

Source: IMDB

The Biggest Little Farm is a documentary film about a husband, wife, and family dog. The husband happens to be a film maker for National Geographic, while his wife is a food blogger. When the landlord evicts the family due to the fact their dog never stops barking, the family has to come up with a way to secure a home for their dog. Their solution actually becomes reality to the wife's life long dream: To own a farm. Witness a family going through the struggles and triumphs in owning a farm. Neon Rated films earlier in the year release a dagger with Apollo 11, my favorite documentary of the year, while also releasing another really good documentary/concert film Amazing Grace. So I was looking forward to see The Biggest Little Farm, which happens to be from the same company. This documentary does not disappoint and adds onto Neon Rated collection of impressive documentaries: This was truly wonderful to watch. Let's talk about the film making for a second: It's visually a breathtaking film, to the point where you sometimes forget you're watching a documentary. It can be comparable to those awesome Planet Earth type documentary series, like almost every shot of every animal is just incredible to look at. The way they capture the bees, the farm animals, flies, snails you name it all looks extremely breathtaking. It could be due to the fact the husband has experience in that department, but it just impresses me that the quality level of the film making is this excellent. There is some adorable 2-D cartoon animation in this film that I really loved, while the family is discussing their plan in building a successful farm. So the story behind the documentary... Extremely fascinating, yet heart warming. To think this family went forward to going after their dream, all to help a little four legged friend to have a home, where there would be no worries about getting kicked out... Excuse me while I cry. But how this family got a farm, out of a land with terrible soil as it can be described as a desert was inspiring. Sure it took a lot of hard work, while stress and frustration played a huge part... But the end result is truly worth it all in the end. I've learned a great amount of information in this film regarding everything you need to know, if you wanted to start a farm. All the hardships that go along with it looked extremely brutal at certain moments in the process. What is motivating is that even though this family got hit with many negatives in the process, they always found ways to make a positive out every single negative that was handed to them. That's what modern day society struggles with the most now a days, anytime a negative comes their way they soak it all in and do nothing to strive above it, I hope those people take notes from this family... They surely need it. If you're a fan of animal documentaries or a feel good story, this is gonna be an extremely enjoyable film for you. Overall, The Biggest Little Farm is a great documentary film. I highly recommend this film, it's on HULU now. -Mitch Smietana

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