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The Banana Splits Movie Quick Movie Bad... But Sweet Laughter Keeps it at Float Grade: D+

Source: IMDB

The Banana Splits Movie tells a story about a young child Harley (Finlay Wojtak-Hissong), whom is a super fan of the popular kids show The Banana Splits. Well lucky for Harley, his mother surprised him on his birthday by giving him tickets to see The Banana Splits live in concert. The day of the show, the network is going to end The Banana Splits long run on television. But The Banana Splits machines disguised in costumes, are hit with a malfunction as now the beloved children’s icons become slashers in a blink of an eye, as they are no longer hunting for children’s laughter/joy, but are now hunting for blood... Ok then. What intrigued me about seeking out to see this film is the fact it just looked... Particularly odd and different. I can tell you this film released in proper timing, as we received a film like this just a couple months ago, dealing with a malfunction of a machine and that would be Child’s Play (2019). The difference between these films is Child’s Play (2019) made sense, of Chucky having a malfunction causing him to become evil, as also the film remained consistent in entertainment. The biggest problem with The Banana Splits Movie is the fact I don’t really understand, how the machines have a malfunction in their system. Like maybe if they had a Conscience and weren’t programmed, I could understand why they were inspired to result in violence, as they’re angry the show is going to end, resulting that they have no purpose to exist. The film tells you that they begin to go bad because the code just went red, while charging one of the damn things... It just doesn’t make clear sense. The third act is where I must say it got obnoxious. Like the death scenes were just blatantly stupid, as I just wanted the film to be over with as the gag gotten old quite a bit, which was a shame because this was heading towards a somewhat positive grading. Though the grade above may not look all good, I will say that I was pleased with this poorly made slasher film. You can consider this film to be either a guilty pleasure or a nice night in, gathering your friends or significant other, drinking and eating a great amount of junk food and having a ball with this. The acting was pretty lousy, but one may it call it enjoyable due to the fact how bad they were in a hilarious way. Like some of the cast members were so bad in line delivery, that I just had a good time laughing in what I was watching, in a way that can be comparable to The Room. For some reason when the actors are alone, without the Banana Splits... It manages to be interesting in the most absurd way possible, that is tough to explain, but is just funny. I also found The Banana Splits to be hilarious as well, whenever they spoke, doing bad things to others. Just the way they said these goofy lines were just hilarious. Can we discuss the absurd side plots... This film has three of them that are freaking stupid, yet I was laughing the entire time whenever this film put it’s main focus on each one of them. We got a father whom wants to milk their child into becoming a successful kid actor, we got an obnoxious couple wanting to Instagram live the Banana Splits studios, and we got Harley’s mom and dad in which the dad in a complete jerk and is cheating on his mom... I mean this should be just a simple slasher film, yet we have three different side plots to have significance towards the story. In no way did we care about each of these side plots, as putting them in this story made no clear sense... However I can’t help to say I like them all in the worst way possible, because it’s just hilarious to me. Especially when the father’s phone gets taken by Harley’s mom, as he’s searching the photos... Those photos taken... Unbelievable. For a good half it was a surprisingly entertaining bad slasher film for the most part, I felt they got carried away in the third act as this could’ve easily gotten 2 stars, if they didn’t over stay their welcome. I can compare this film to Sorority Row, not a good film, but can easily be rewatch in the future as it still maintains to be surprisingly entertaining. Overall, The Banana Splits Movie was an entertaining not so good film. I only recommend this film if you’re for sure going to gather friends, because that’s the only way it’s going to be truly appreciated by the absurdity it’s offering to you. -Mitch Smietana

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