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The Bad Guys; Grade: B

The Bad Guys tells a story about a group of criminals known as “The Bad Guys”, whom are known as the most well equipped bank robbers in town. The gang led by Mr. Wolf (Sam Rockwell) has planned to steal this high end trophy known as The Blue Dolphin, which honored at the Good Samaritan awards. The Bad Guys were unable to secure this trophy as they were caught, as it appears they’re heading off to prison. Fortunately for The Bad Guys thanks to Good Samaritan of the year winner Professor Marmalade (Richard Ayoade), the sweet guinea pig has offered Governor Diane Foxington (Zazie Beetz) that instead of putting them in prison, he wants to help them become Good Guys. So Professor Marmalade will be helping The Bad Guys to become The Good Guys, as Mr. Wolf and the gang plan to trick Professor Marmalade into thinking they’ve changed for the better, which is all part of the plan into securing the trophy a second time around.

Man my mind has been on the fritz lately since leaving Florida: I’ve seen this film like nine days ago as I couldn’t make my way around to reviewing it for some reason. Which is odd considering The Bad Guys… Left a very warm impression on me.

For starters: The Animation in this film was pretty cool. It mimics the likes of a video game in a way, more similar to the Sly Cooper games like this is the closet thing we’ll ever get to a Sly Cooper film. The Animation is much more detailed to where it doesn’t feel like I’m watching a video game as well. I enjoyed the designs of the characters, the designs of this world built, and I also really enjoyed how the animation looked when shots were shot in high paced sequences… It’s a really nice looking film from a visual perspective, really nice job from everyone on the animation team.

The Bad Guys from a narrative perspective t’was not only a cool tale being told filled with many fun characters, but it’s also a film in which provides a meaningful useful lesson for young children especially. Like the whole purpose of this story is to not just follow what the world says you are, in terms of following a typical stereotype. Like every member of The Bad Guys for example: The reason majority of them are a villain in the first place, is because society tells them they are a monster. So for them it’s extremely difficult to try and be good because society will look at them and not give them a fair chance, as they’ll just assume by their appearance that they’re up to no good.

You see how Mr. Wolf thoroughly enjoys being called a Good Boy from an older lady or the joy he gets from rescuing a cat from a tree… It made him feel good about being good. But the problem with Mr. Wolf, is he continues making excuses that society will only make him to be a bad guy because all WOLVES are known as bad guys in very story. So Mr. Wolf figures what’s the point of being good if they’ll never see you as good?! So I felt this film did a terrific job in displaying this heartfelt message, that you don’t have to fall in line with what society assumes you to be, that you can be whatever it is you want to be… A Simple Well Effective Important Message indeed, I enjoyed the whole development of it all.

The Bad Guys is loads of fun from just about every angle. I enjoyed the heists taken place, as the robbery sequences and of course the car chase scenes were loads of fun. I did enjoyed the wackiness of the end where an unexpected twist unfolds, as where the film goes from that reveal… Man it got so goofy and whacky, but still was thoroughly enjoyable I must say. That’s the other thing I enjoyed about the film: This has a quite a few twists and turns that I gotta say a few of them were effective indeed. What was surprising as well is the comedy material… I was genuinely surprised how much I laughed in this film. The jokes were hitting on all cylinders, felt refreshing for a kids film to actually execute genuine good humor that is good for both children and adults especially.

Overall, The Bad Guys was a solid film. I recommend checking this one out, it’s definitely a fun time at the movies, do bring your family and friends you’ll have a grand time! -Mitch Smietana

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