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The Art of Racing in the Rain Oh Look Another Dog Movie... WAIT IT’S GOOD?! Grade: B

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The Art of Racing in the Rain tells a story about a dog named Enzo (Kevin Costner). Enzo retells his love for race car driving and his entire life story, of being Denny's (Milo Ventimiglia) dog. We've gotten three dog films this year... Lots of love for dogs, heck I'm not complaining, I love dogs. I avoided trailers for this movie, I wanted a better experience knowing I've seen two other dog films. I felt The Art of Racing in the Rain is the best dog movie of the three, this was oddly touching?! Kevin Costner voicing over an old dog, whom is retelling his glory days of being a dog, living with Denny, sharing his love for racing, and other experiences... He's actually perfect for this role?! What the heck is going on here? When I think of an elderly dog, whom feels depressed inside knowing this is his final day living as a dog, I think of this voice. An old voice, whom is drained by the thought of passing on from being a dog, because not only is it fun to be a dog, Enzo had a great owner and people adored the dog. Enzo was not only a smart and wise dog, but he was an emotionally deep dog as well. Just made me feel like I was sitting in the living room with the dog, as I admire the dog's story telling. Amanda Seyfried playing Eve, Denny's love interest was good, she's definitely that stand alone good acting performance out of the entire cast. Though Milo Ventimiglia didn't have a strong performance as Denny, I will say he's just fine as Denny, he makes the character likable. Denny does all he can to support his wife and daughter, while continuing his passion towards race car driving, even if it means missing the birth of your daughter. Denny is good example of a good father/husband, they make sacrifices to those they love, even if it means missing significant moments in their lives, long as their there personally and financially... Denny is a good father. The rest of the cast were mediocre for the most part, some scenes where there was poor acting in there, but for the most part nothing to be outrageous towards. I feel there was predictable moments in this film, including the lead up to getting hit by a car, a ridiculous lawsuit, an outcome on a race. I liked the story, yes it feels a little Hallmarky, but I enjoyed it. I felt something while the dog was retelling his life story, which made me cared about the human characters in his life which normally I don't usually care for them, but in this film I did. I wanted the best out of Denny and Enzo, it's weird how this dog made me attached to this family, but when you have an old wise dog showing passion towards his past life... It makes you care I guess. When it came to the race car driving stuff, the film makes you appreciate it. Like I hate NASCAR and would never watch it on television, but there is beauty in race car driving, especially when you see how it's done in person. You felt for the dog when it wanted to be human, whether it be handling difficult situations the humans were dealing with or wanting to be in a race car. I also enjoyed the one dark element, where Enzo is stuck at home for a couple days, while no one is around taking care of him. It also involved a stuff animal zebra, where the dog was starting to hallucinate, I thought that scene was pretty good. Sure it's bizarre, but looking into the eyes of a dog, one could see them having this whacky vision, as the effects worked well. By the end of the film, though it's time to say goodbye to the dog, the send off was pretty damn cute. I felt the closing shot was adorable as well. For some reason, I was latched onto this film, it's not high art but for one looking for a dog movie that'll not only excite me but make me feel a certain emotion... This one pulled it off. Overall, The Art of Racing in the Rain was a good movie. I recommend this film, it's nice for adults and kids. Well Kevin Costner, I hope for now on you voice over all dog characters for now on. -Mitch Smietana

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