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The Amazing Johnathan Documentary Quick View Is This Reality or Another Magic Trick Grade: B

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The Amazing Johnathan Documentary is a documentary centered around the famous magician/comedian Amazing Johnathan. Before Criss Angel Mind Freak show, there was Amazing Johnathan, in fact Criss Angel bought rights to some of Johnathan’s magic tricks. We learn the history and the present of Amazing Johnathan, as he made a miracle living surpass his doctor’s diagnosis of having only a year to live. We go through Johnathan’s comeback tour and some behind the scenes look... Oh boy, you’re going to be quite invested in the behind scenes, like a young child at a magic show. So I’m a fan of magicians, I’ve always found magic entertaining and intriguing ever since I saw Lance Burton. This documentary film is actually completely different than what I expected. In some ways I did learn about the magician, in ways I did feel inspired as this man triumphs through tragedy. Though the film is about Amazing Johnathan... There’s actually more here than just Johnathan. Have you ever heard of the phrase on a mediocre or a bad film, “The involvement behind making this film, is more interesting than the actual film itself.” Well that’s exactly what this documentary is, as I actually dig this quite a bit. Quick flaws to mention before we get started. The way the film looks feels like a reality show, I just didn’t care how the film was constructed. The film at times can feel repetitive, like we keep repeating the same scenario at times where you’re just kind of over it and would like to move onto the next thing. The Amazing Johnathan, he may not be a saint but is not only an entertaining talented man whom has a personality, but he is a fighter. Sure we can be flat out stunned by the magic tricks he pulls off, but what is amazing is his inability to give up on life. Though he had to take a long break from magic due to his health, which required a lot of doctor visits. But once he surpass his doctors diagnosis of having only one year to live a couple years later, he went back to the one thing what made him... Him, as that is magic. He didn’t have to go back on tour and do shows, as going back would affect his health, but knowing he already made a miracle for himself, doing what he loves is worth the risk as I can admire that from him. Though this film is centered around Amazing Johnathan, as he is an interesting famous magician... The more engaging intriguing part of this film, is behind making of this documentary film. I won’t spoil anything, I feel people should go into this documentary not knowing anything other than it’s centered around a magician, that’s what makes it an experience. Behind making of this documentary is frustrating, bizarre, complicated... But it’s so interesting and even at times flat out entertaining. While your heart is suppose to feel bad for Johnathan and you’re suppose to be rooting for the guy, it actually flips around to Ben Berman the filmmaker behind this documentary. It becomes more of a comedy and even an illusion, because you can’t believe what is happening in front of you. You’re questioning if this is reality or is this some kind of joke they’re playing... That’s where I believe the charm is heavily praised on in this documentary. In a way it’s offering something we haven’t seen before in a documentary film, it’s hard to describe without spoiling... But you have to see it for yourself. Overall, The Amazing Johnathan Documentary is a solid documentary film. Though my grade reads a “B”, I still highly encourage you all to watch this film, it’s a damn good time and you’re experiencing something you don’t really ever see in documentaries, I guarantee it. Swell job Ben Berman and Amazing Johnathan, you both delivered one hell of a documentary film, surely both of you will be remembered for it in the future. -Mitch Smietana

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