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The 355; Grade: D

The 355 is centered around this device known as “The Drive”, which can be used as a dangerous secret weapon to cause major destruction across the globe. A CIA agent Mace (Jessica Chastain) joins forces with three international agents whom all have one common goal… RETRIEVE THE DAMN DRIVE!!!! In order to retrieve The Drive: These women will have to go through many dangerous people, to prevent national disasters from happening as they can’t let The Drive be in the wrong hands.

Things I liked about The 355: The perfume bomb. There is one particular scene where one of the agents used a bomb, that appeared to be in a perfume shaped bottle. Even though that scene maybe stereotypical against women, while also doesn’t fit the serious tone of this film… At least that scene was kind of fun to watch I can at least say.

It’s been almost a week since I’ve seen this film due to being occupied with life and such, normally I make time to review films… But this one in particular t’was extremely unbearable to sit through, that life was more of a valid excuse than to make time to talk about a film in which should’ve been dumped in a $2 DVD pile at Walmart.

I realize there is a reason why this film was delayed for so long, despite having a star heavy cast: This is a very bland action film. The 355 pretty much felt repetitive from a narrative standpoint, as the same exact sequence was replayed OVER and OVER again. They get the drive, they lose the drive, they get the drive, they lose the drive, they get the drive… This is basically it, only the action sequences doesn’t justify the repetitiveness of this bland plot. Other than the perfume bomb sequence: Majority of the action sequences were dreadful, as I yawned about 60 times while watching them take place. It also doesn’t help by the over usage of shaky cam as well while enduring these dreadful action sequences too.

You can tell the characters didn’t leave much of an impact on you, when you barely remember any of them as written material was fairly weak and formulaic like other past action films we’ve seen a thousand times over. I guess the reveal of whom the antagonist kind of caught me by surprise?! The reasoning behind it was meh, but at least I didn’t expect it coming. The ending… Brutal. Very predictable as since I was the only person in the theater (Go Figure, But Grateful), I shouted out what would happen moment by moment and what do you know?! IT ALL HAPPENED. It was such a lousy goofy dumb end to a dreadfully boring action film, that’ll be forgotten within a month or in my case a week.

Overall, The 355 was a bad film. I don’t recommend this film, whomever is charging people $20 to stream this at home needs to be sued for fraud. -Mitch Smietana

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