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TFW No Gf; Grade: D+

Since the SXSW film festival was canceled due to the Coronavirus, SXSW had other plans to satisfy fans of the festival and film fans... Streaming. Yes SXSW and Amazon Prime did a collaboration starting April 27, 2020 until May 5, 2020, bringing us full length feature films, short films, and Television content as well. A few film makers took their chance on this cute little idea, while others stay put as they felt this route would prevent them a distribution deal for the long run... Very understandable reasoning. I’ll be covering all the full length feature films, giving them all a full length film review as rightfully deserved. Let’s start with the first film I watched.

TFW No Gf... Not only a weird title, but the poster itself had me curious. The film is a documentary featuring a few young adults in their 20’s, whom are apart of a Twitter group TFW No Gf. Basically they struggle with loneliness, sometimes depression, inability to get a girlfriend, and just don’t fit in with society. But where these kids fit in is on social media platforms, mainly Twitter and 4Chan. We go through briefly on each and everyone’s lives featured in this documentary, understanding their lack of motivation to become something of their selves.

TFW No Gf is the directorial debut from Alex Lee Moyer. The film making style resembles one with lack of budget, as you can tell it was not made from the studio from the likes of Netflix. There are some parts of the film making that has charm. Like I enjoyed that shot of Kyle going into an abandoned little area, filled with graffiti art. It may not be the best quality of film making, but it makes the viewer honestly happy, as it does inspire anyone to make a film of their own. On a positive note: Each and everyone made a valid point. A couple kids were talking about one thread on twitter, on how to get people of a certain race of teenagers to act right. Have mom sit them down, watch Trevor Noah and have them write an essay on why this show was funny. I thought the kids briefly explaining why this was absolutely pointless, was worth agreeing too. The best way to help teenagers regardless of race for the better, is simply guide them to a better perspective on life or just simply being there for them physically and emotionally. A comedy show that a fair majority like is not going to change anyone, plus you can’t dictate what is funny or not... Trevor Noah is not funny and I’m normal. The last kid made a good point, in order to become anything in life, you gotta navigate through the obstacles and become something of yourself. Same with the other kid saying it’s best to be doing something, than being bored. I somehow relate with some of these kids, as far as being heavily involved with social media during my depression stage and thoughts on dropping out. When you feel not accepted in the world, where everything feels low, with no hope of a future... You sometimes contemplate on your future. I had the grades and everything, the idea of being in a school where a fair amount of abuse is being done to you made me feel unmotivated to keep going on. But thankfully all it took for me is to take a few days off, to ease my mind on fear and doubt, as I ended up having a nice senior year. I felt this film does have rather important things to say, as to how society makes many of us vulnerable to be our true selves. Not saying I agree with any of these kids views... But when you look at today’s unforgiving nor reason to accept differences, you can understand why people struggle immensely in today’s day in age.

Unfortunately this documentary felt underwhelming for my taste. Three out of the four people featured in the documentary were uninteresting, disregarding the last guy whom was into conspiracies. The sad drop out body builder was pretty boring, didn’t really add much to the film. Also he’s talking about how he doesn’t care about girls, that his body building is for him only... But then shows us his phone, where he’s on tinder. Couple things: Why are you on Tinder if you don’t care about girls? Secondly: “Future Suicide Statistic” as a bio... What?! Like the guy makes a nice analogy that self love is more important than women, but then he not only becomes a hypocrite, he also leads his well being with negativity... I couldn’t stand watching him. The two brothers were very boring, all they kept doing the entire time is whining how everything sucks as they do nothing but buy guns... I don’t get it. Kyle the Cowboy maybe a tall tough fellah, but besides the one intriguing shot, I was honestly bored as well. I felt the film missed an opportunity to explore the dangers of social media as well. As you can clearly tell majority of these kids have problems, but the thing is the problem got worst for a good half of them during their time on social media. The film doesn’t really talk that much on improving mental health, as none of the kids develop any sense of a healthy mental health state. I never heard of the TFW No Gf group, so I appreciate the fact the film maker gave us something never seen before. It’s one of those films where you can appreciate a couple qualities, but leaves you unsatisfied as much more could’ve been done. For a directorial debut I appreciate Alex Lee Moyer wanting to give us something unique, I just wish it was much better, but feel he’ll improve on his next project.

Overall, TFW No Gf wasn’t a good film. I don’t recommend this film, a far better recommendation I would consider is David Lee Millers Archies Final Project instead. Before we conclude this review: Would like to say R.I.P to a talented actor Irrfan Khan, a very tragic lost to the film community, we hope you find everlasting joy reuniting with your mother in a much beautiful place. -Mitch Smietana

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