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Tell Me Who I Am Quick View Grade: B

Source: IMDB

Tell Me Who I Am is a Netflix original documentary film, about two twin brothers. At eighteen Alex Lewis was involved in a motorcycle accident, in which he woke up days later losing his entire memory. His twin brother Marcus Lewis helps Alex regain his entire memory back... However, Marcus may not have told Alex the entire truth about himself and his life. Witness a fascinating, yet troubling, saddening, and even disturbing documentary. As you can tell recently I’ve been in the mood for tons of documentaries, this one came across at random as I didn’t know what it was about. Though this documentary isn’t particularly trying anything new in presentation or making it not feel like you’re watching one... This was a rock solid documentary film, that honestly made my heart cold. Visually the film looks like a documentary film, however I really enjoyed what the film does with old photographs. They show recent photographs as they then come to life, thought that was pretty neat as it represents what Alex’s mind was thinking about trying to recollect his memory. I also like many shots in this film, particularly the dark ones showing outside of the house and inside the house, really sets the dark tone of what the house represents with the Lewis twins. So the documentary kept me interested start to finish, despite those that may complain it’s slow in the beginning, the film picks up in the middle delivering a very haunting story. The documentary starts off pretty delightful, despite Alex being involved in a horrific crash, it’s pretty charming as it’s only thinking about the positives and how Alex is going to learn everything from scratch again. What’s intriguing is that Alex had no idea who he was or whom anyone including his own mother, except that Marcus is his twin brother... When they talk about twins having a strong connection, this is exactly what they’re talking about. Though the film wasn’t wowing me in the beginning, it still was interesting to watch this man trying to regain his memory and discover his true identity, while learning about his past. But then the film suddenly becomes dark as we experience Marcus not completely telling the truth. Alex and Marcus discover a weird photograph in the attic, as Alex becomes suspicious of this fake happy story Marcus was telling him earlier. Then it just goes downhill from here, as you then discover the real truth of Alex and Marcus’ real life story, as it truly shatters you just like Marcus. I couldn’t believe the things I’ve heard from Marcus telling the crushing details and like Marcus I was broken. You then understand why Marcus would not forgive his father, while he was on his dying bed. This film honestly feels like a well executed slow burn, where it takes it’s time to deliver the final blow, and believe me... I don’t think none of us saw what’s this coming. So if you’re into interesting documentaries and a good ole fashion slow burn, this is gonna work nicely for you. Overall, Tell me Who I Am is a damn good documentary. I recommend this film, check this one out on Netflix. -Mitch Smietana

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