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Tall Girl Quick View A Lame Yet Offensive Mockery of Another Trash Netflix Film Grade: F

Source: IMDB

Tall Girl is about a 6’ 1” girl named Jodi (Ava Michelle), whom happens to be the tall girl in school. Now normally in any high school: No one would care if you’re a tall girl. But however in this high school people seem to care that Jodi is tall and they use lame jokes against her. There’s a new Swedish exchange student now attending her school Stig (Luke Eisner) which Jodi seems to have a small crush on him. Will Jodi get the guy and be more secure in the fact she’s tall? So Netflix loves pumping out these bad high school comedy movies, whether it be an acclaimed classic like The Kissing Booth or one of the worst films ever made Sierra Burgess is a Loser. Have no fear cause Netflix is here to deliver the damaged goods! Tall Girl is on par with Sierra Burgess is a Loser, I find myself liking this one better and I feel the grade above I’ve given it to was harsh, given the fact I wasn’t flat out miserable watching Tall Girl. The thing is: I’m struggling to find anything positive to say about this movie, it’s completely boring and has not one strong aspect. Jodi perhaps is a weak protagonist, it falls on the casting choice and the character itself. How are we suppose to feel sorry for Jodi, when you can’t relate to Jodi? Ok she’s tall, so what?! I mean look at her? She looks like she’s a run way model and is living in a very wealthy home in New Orleans... Yeah most tall girls are going to relate to her. I even research the actress Ava Michelle that played Jodi after watching the film and what do you know: She’s a model, what are the odds?! How about casting an actress that is tall yet young tall girls can relate to her problem?! Honestly no one is going to relate to Jodi when you have an extremely gorgeous model playing this role. I didn’t feel much sympathy for Jodi at all. She gets called the lamest insults, has a great supportive friend, a good family, and has a very nice guy that worships her 24/7... The breaking point of this film is Jodi getting pranked call, what is she five?! She pushes both of her good friends away because they tell her to calm down, over obsessing the new guy and I gotta say both of her friends are right. At the end of the day Stig is a guy, why don’t you work on your security instead of relying on an foreign exchange student for your happiness?! For some reason this film acts like females that are tall, are these uncommon species in the world. Majority of Victoria Secret models are tall. My friend whom is ridiculously hot wants to be a VS model, but can’t because she’s not that tall to be one... I mean is being tall actually a bad thing?! Plus tall girls can be unstoppable in basketball and other sports as well. Honestly it’s the other way around regarding tall girls, they don’t have a problem being tall, they just are extremely picky if a significant other is not as tall or has to be taller. I like some of the cast members in this film, unfortunately no one has a performance worth mentioning. It either feels a phoned in performance or just below mediocrity. I felt the script was written by a four year old. Especially when it came to the insults Jodi was receiving. At one point Jodi wants to be Taylor Swift when she grows up, a classmate says, “Taylor Swift? HAH MORE LIKE TALLER SWIFT!” I mean that’s all you got? How about the scene when Jodi’s father invites a tall people club, wasn’t that funny?! There’s barely any tension, the film just pretty much gives our main character whatever she wants, only has to wait for a few seconds. The film sets up a few things that lead to nowhere. When the film feels completely predictable, with no clever/thought revoking dialogue, no comedic value whatsoever... You become to feel sleepy while watching this film. Nothing exciting happens at all, it’s just another formulated piece of trash. I mean BookSmart is a Top 10 2019 film so far, it’s not hard to make a great funny relatable high school comedy film, you just have to put in more effort than just... Creating this fantasy land, that a model gets picked on for being tall, making tall girls defenseless when really they aren’t in real life. Just like Tall Girl itself... I have nothing else to say. Overall, Tall Girl is a lifeless formulated piece of garbage. No I don’t recommend this film, a terrible representation towards all women that are tall everywhere. -Mitch Smietana

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