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Take Me Somewhere Nice; Lovely Debut and Experience. Grade: B

Take Me Somewhere Nice tells a story about a young woman named Alma (Sara Luna Zoric) whom is going to visit her father in Bosnia, as he is in the hospital. She’ll be staying with a family member Emir (Ernad Prnjavorac) who hasn’t seen him over a decade. The road to get to Alma’s destination could be all so simply done, unfortunately Emir is a bit of stubborn prick. Watch as Alma tries to find her way into achieving her goal, with a little help from a bus, cars, strangers, friends, family, and even a magician.

The Cinematography is absolutely terrific, from a visual standpoint this is one of the most gorgeous looking films of the entire year, it stands toe to toe with Never Rarely Sometimes Always. The film is shot in four by four square framing, as every single shot is unforgettable capturing a beautiful experience. In a way I believe the Cinematography truly carries this film, as if it didn’t look this gorgeous, we wouldn’t be so fascinated by this film in the first place... Truly gives the film an experience. The Score was solid as a whole, has a lot of swagger to it. The cast all in all was pretty good as well. Alma played by Sara Luna Zoric had a pretty good performance, the character is simply written giving the film a moral purpose of reuniting with her father. Ernad Prnjavorac also had a pretty good performance, I couldn’t stand Emir as he was nothing but a selfish prick the entire time. Although I will say Emir’s frustrations with Alma had a valid point in one scene, as they haven’t seen nor talk to each in over a decade, so I can understand why he felt pissed off with Alma in her presence. Lazar Dragojevic playing the supporting role Denis played a solid performance, this character was actually cool. Just a simple laid back dude, whom likes being Emir’s assistant, as he’s a ladies man. Also I mentioned in my Letterboxd review that this kid looks like Timothee Chalamet, which as of now is generating popularity... Four likes in less than 48 hours, not bad B A B Y!

My biggest flaw with Take Me Somewhere Nice is simply the third act. I think everything leading up to this final act was honestly great, however how it finishes left me unsatisfied. Our lead character Alma does something, where me and the audience don’t understand what led her to do such a thing like that?! The conclusion was also... Different. I just wouldn’t end such a cool little coming of age story like the way this film does it, it was a such a weird way to go out.

Take Me Somewhere Nice is a film I honestly really enjoyed. The story though very thin on plot, kept my interest for the most part. The film is captivated simply by the journey alone, as Alma takes on many paths to get to her desired destination. The people whom Alma meets on the way were odd including the wealthy gentleman, yet made the experience enjoyable, as they lead Alma to such beautiful locations and a nice memory she can cherish as well. I think what we learned from Alma’s journey is she’s bit of a naive human being, like her head isn’t fully there on her identity and self. Especially in the end where you question her decision making, as we don’t understand where her head is at. If you enjoy films that offer an experience... This film is right up your alley, as I enjoyed the lovely experience this film has to offer.

Overall, Take Me Somewhere Nice is a dope film. I recommend checking this one out, it can be found on the MUBI app, check out that streaming service it’s honestly for the film lover! -Mitch Smietana

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