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Swallow; A Strange Yet Very Intriguing Dramatic Thriller. Grade: B+

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Swallow tells a story about a wife named Hunter (Haley Bennett), whom has announced that she is pregnant to her wealthy husband Richie (Austin Stowell). Hunter isn’t taken seriously as a person, as she doesn’t work nor offer nothing special really. One day while Hunter is reading a book, about doing something particular new, she finds the idea to consume objects you shouldn’t try to attempt eating. Example: Marbles, Thumbtacks, Batteries... Uhhhhh NO!

I would like to say congrats to Swallow, becoming the number one movie in America during the quarantine era, recording off of ticket sales by Drive-In theaters. Speaking of which: The Drive-In in Las Vegas has now reopened for business, I look forward to going when Scoob or Capone drops! Alright back to Swallow.

The Cinematography t’was pretty good, a very elegant looking film, offering variety of colors. The Score was solid as well, enjoyed the music in this film. The cast all in all was pretty good. Haley Bennett playing Hunter played a really good performance, executed the disturbed nature of this character. I actually enjoyed the character Hunter very much, despite doing some very weird things, she kept my interest as a very compelling interesting character. As time goes on, you learn more about this character as it makes clear sense as to why she’s doing a very strange thing normal human beings would never do. I also felt kind of bad for this character, she’s not really treated like a human being, she’s treated as a novelty item. I don’t think anyone truly cared about this character, which is why that scene of her husbands friend asking for a hug makes much sense as to why she agreed to having a hug. Richie played by Austin Stowell played a good performance. For awhile I felt bad for Richie, but in the third act reveal I realize he’s just like everyone else in Hunters life... Uncaring and inconsiderate.

I do have my flaws for this film. How Hunter gets a hold on these random items to consume, after she just got caught not too long ago was very confusing. Especially when her husband discard these items in the trash, so how did she get them back so quickly?! There really is no possible way as to how she can get a hold of them, unless she goes to the store, which she never leaves the house so I assume she didn’t have access in going. Some of the weird nature can be off putting, more so when she wants to consume dirt. She consumes strange items because she enjoys the texture of the items in her mouth. Meanwhile dirt is completely different than the items she keeps consuming so it doesn’t really work.

I haven’t watched an intriguing yet extremely odd film since Teeth... Ya know that cult film, about a man eating vagina?! I avoided that film for years and it was actually dope. Despite the weird nature of Swallow, it’s surprisingly a very well executed thriller. The story itself is very strange, but yet it offers a great amount of mystery. When a personal moment is revealed about Hunters life, you start to understand the disturbed nature of this character, followed by a strong finale! A finale that was extremely unexpected, yet it really puts on the finishing touches of this film quite well. Though it’s an off putting kind of story, it really never loses interest, of following this disturbed character. It also speaks volumes to how one that is lost, could feel empty in delivering a fulfilling purpose in the world. Swallowing these items made Hunter feel special because she was challenging herself, to consume as many strange items as she can. To Hunter it gave her purpose, it made her feel like she was doing something productive. Her being a lonely housewife, offering not much significance to the household other than being the pretty novelty item for the husband just made her go back to that dark place of her past. Could be a reasonable message to always encourage others to be productive, as it can find reason to have purpose in this world... I mean a lot of people out there are losing their minds, as not much of a purpose is being given due to being out of work, so it’s not far out there. It’s an extremely weird film, but if you can get behind it can be a very satisfying dramatic thriller.

Overall, Swallow is a pretty damn good film. I recommend checking this one out, I hope none of you are doing the activities Hunter is doing out of complete boredom... Please DON’T! -Mitch Smietana

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