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SuperNova; Grade: B

Supernova tells a story about a couple named Sam (Colin Firth) and Tusker (Stanley Tucci). Sam plays the piano, Tusker is an author, as the couple endures a great amount of love for each other. Unfortunately Tusker is diagnosed with Dementia, as his memory is slowly slipping away right before our eyes, as soon he will not know who his loved companion Sam is. So Sam and Tusker go on a trip in their RV, to visit places from their past, visit family and friends, as Sam also has a concert to perform as well.

The Cinematography t'was pretty damn good, this is a gorgeous looking film as it's honestly one of the main highlights of the entire film. It felt like a moving portrait, as you experience some lovely nature visuals and lovely visuals from the stars as well, felt very roomy and cozy. The Score was solid as well, I enjoyed how the opening song choice felt like a mixture of Fire Temple and an airline service sound... Probably nobody felt the same, but hey it's good to feel different. The cast all in all was pretty good as well. Of course the main highlight of this film is Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci's performance as this couple, as they both had great performances, great chemistry, as also they helped elevated this simply written story.

I enjoyed both characters, you can clearly tell the love they have for each other has always been high up, as you feel completely empty inside as the couple endures this tragedy coming before them. Sam really tries to make the best out of this situation, even though it's eating him away inside, he still wants to give Tusker a happy conclusion before his memory goes away forever, as Sam is willing to take care of him entirely. As for Tusker you entirely feel sorry for him by not only his dementia, but also feeling completely useless, as him staying around for Sam to just care for an memory-less mind just completely shatters his heart. He believes it's completely pointless and exhausting for Sam to just waste his remaining days taking care of him and not continuing having a life of his own, it almost as if Tusker feels it's selfish to hold Sam back of his own life.

My major flaw with Supernova is it's pacing... Though it has a fairly 90 minute run time, it's extremely slow. 2020 had a couple gems within this subject matter The Father and Relic, as the trend still continues following this year with Supernova. This subject matter is hard to endure as it's really the worst possible thing to happen to any human being, the fact it's tossed around as a joke to attack others is extremely disgusting. If one shows clear signs of this illness then it surely needs to be addressed and cared for, but don't go around using it as a tool to attack a person's well being... They can't help to not know who they are and what is going on around them, let's be better people but more importantly help those suffering from this awful illness, instead using them as a pawn for our own personal gain.

I may not loved Supernova, however it still is good in quality. The story how it's written is fairly simple, there is not much to it than a couple enjoying maybe the last event they can fully experience and enjoy, with knowing what is going on in front of them. It's really elevated by the performances itself, though it's simply written it still works as you feel the emotional state within the characters, as they're enduring many challenges as it can affect the other person's life and well being. Especially resulting in one wanting to commit suicide, though we don't condone Tusker’s thought process, however we understand his feelings during this time. Nobody wants anyone to commit suicide at any time, no matter how hard the circumstances get for themselves and in Sam's case, we still want everyone to be here and to keep on pushing forward. Tusker just feels a complete burden and a walking corpse, handling one with their entire memory erase is not at all easy, in fact it's exhausting. So yeah you may feel troubled by Tusker's feelings, however can you really blame him?! That has always been a difficult conversation to have regarding this subject matter. May not be a spectacular film by any means, however still has some qualities to appreciate, as it still makes the audience interested and has them feel a saddening experience.

Overall, Supernova is a solid film. I recommend checking this one out. -Mitch Smietana

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