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Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken! Quick View Same Tropes, Barely new Tricks Grade: C+

Source: IMDB

So originally was going to start on the Rambo series, before checking out the newest Rambo release. But I scroll through Kanopy and saw that Super Size Me 2 was available to watch... So let’s talk about it. Morgan Spurlock is back once again, to make everyone feel awful about eating fast food. This time around Morgan will not be attempting another suicide mission eating fast food everyday. Morgan is going to start a fast food restaurant and offer an honest chicken sandwich. He’ll go through the process of branding, marketing, raising his own chicken farm, going to show the world fast food restaurants have become better over time... YUH RIGHT. The first Super Size Me was a good documentary, impacted many civilians in limiting their unhealthy fast food ways. In Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken! you can say the same, however I felt the impact is not even close to the first documentary. For starters: It made me want to go get a chicken sandwich afterwards, while in the original it made me sick to my stomach as I didn’t want to go near a McDonalds for months. Sure Morgan delivers us a few secrets none of us have seen, behind the shady chicken industry. But the thing is: You kind of already knew about it, maybe not the court case involving the farmers and the industry, but that they’re doing something unnatural with the chickens as you come to terms that you just don’t care. I feel this doesn’t deliver the same impact as the previous film because a good half of the world rarely often eats fast food. They go to one of them health smoothie wrap businesses or just cook at home, sure you’ll have your usual suspects that are too stubborn to change their way or pick up a pot and pan, but I believe the way we as a society eat has changed so this documentary is not going to effect many people in the way they eat this time around. I thought the film making this time around is worst than the original. I just didn’t like how the film looked visually, sure it’s a documentary but it feels amateurish coming from a guy that got nominated for an Oscar... I expected a better looking film in comparison to the original. I felt some jabs made by Morgan was unnecessary. Like we get it: You’re not a fan of fast food restaurants, but don’t attack them personally... Makes you look like a prick. I believe this documentary made it’s presence feel welcomed. It has a purpose in delivering information you’ve never knew. Regarding how many chickens we go through a year, how it’s the biggest industry in food at the moment, the harsh treatment the farmers receive from the industry, as well as how fast food chains market and prepare the food. I’m a big fan of film but also food interests me, as I found some things quite fascinating. When Spurlock opens his restaurant, it was interesting how things played out as he delivers the truth in the way he markets the product inside the place. I believe the ending can be questionable to Spurlock’s agenda. Does he want a successful business or is he trying to sabotage himself to prove a point?! Overall, Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken! was a perfectly fine documentary. I’d recommend checking it out, won’t ruin your taste for any future cravings anytime soon, so you’re in the clear. -Mitch Smietana

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