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Stuber Maybe.... I Should Cancel my Uber Account and Switch to Lyft after all. Grade: C-

Source: IMDB

Stuber tells a story about a part time convenient retail worker and part time Uber driver Stu (Kumail Nanjiani) and a cop Vic (Dave Bautista). Vic orders a Uber whom happens to be Stu, as they go on a buddy cop adventure to take down a past foe in Vic's life. The Cinematography honestly gave me a headache, looks like a typical comedy film, but my complaints are more towards the camera work. We are introduced to a painful opening action scene, which is nothing but shaky cam and it honestly looked awful. Most of the action scenes looked terrible as far as camera work goes, it's bad not only bad choreography but I couldn’t make out of anything I was watching. The Score was meh, at times sounded like Great Value Score music from Good Time at points. The cast was meh, except for two maybe a stretch at three. Kumail Nanjiani playing Stu the Uber driver was the saving grace of this entire film, without him this film flat out sucks and I'm not joking. I ride with Uber for the last couple years frequently, I feel Kumail nailed this accurate portrayal of an Uber driver well. Not because he fits the typical public society’s stereotype of what a Uber driver looks like, he acts like an any other Uber driver that actually cares about satisfying customers. Kumail also nails the comedy material well, which isn't a surprise because he's great in Silicon Valley, The Big Sick, and good in his small role in Mike and Dave, definitely the funniest cast member in the entire film by far. I enjoy the fact Stu actually had a character arc, involving a woman he was in love with that didn't treat him high and mighty like he treated her. Jimmy Tatro which I highly enjoyed his work in the TV series American Vandal, did a solid job in his small role, he was funny once again. Dave Bautista was terrible in this film, I honestly hated his character even more. So Vic went to an eye doctor because he is having trouble with his eye sight, the doctor prescribed him to wear these vision glasses as until he can read the bottom word column, then he can be able to do things like drive... Shoot weapons ya know. Well here's the problem: Why even have this conflict, if it's half utilized?! Early on we see him struggle with his eye sight while driving, but then he perfectly sees everything else even though he still can't barely see?! In the third act he says he can finally see... But it's not really a pay off because majority of the film he did things perfectly fine, for someone who can barely see?! Was the blame for lack of direction or Bautista really can't act as a blind person to save his life?! I don't know, but performance, direction, and even character wise Y I K E S. Bautista wasn't funny at all in this film, not one joke land with me while watching his performance. Also his character doesn't have much a developed arc, he's just a selfish and inconsiderate person. Why drag Stu towards all this mess? Why on earth are you out driving, handling guns, knowing you're not capable of going anywhere because you're a danger to society due to the fact you don't have a proper eye sight?! I mean how can anyone like this character is beyond me. Stuber is saved by Kumail's comedic delivery and Stu's arc, without those two this movie would flat out sucked, however it's mediocre regardless. Early on Vic's daughter sets up Uber for her dad, as she's looking for a profile picture for her dad to use for Uber. You know having a profile picture is not required by riders? It's only required by drivers, so what's the point in that scene? To make a stupid cop photo album joke? There is a couple logic issues with this film. Like Vic's phone was near Stu's radio, as I can't help to think... Vic is blind, so if Stu wanted to get out of this ordeal, why doesn't he just take his phone and just end the ride, rate himself 5 stars, then drive off?! I mean Vic is not going to find Stu anytime soon because he can't see and run his plate, so might as well do that knowing Vic is a whack job that not only being a burden, but causing trouble that you don't need to be involved with. The story is alright I guess, just a typical buddy cop storyline. Besides Kumail, the comedy material for the most part was flat. I feel the need to say that the action and comedy didn’t flow correctly at all. A better example of this film would be 21 Jump Street. Not only was that film funny by almost everyone involved, but when it came to the action scenes, it was fun and thrilling. In Stuber you can say some of it is funny, but that’s cause of two performances, but the action is flat out terrible, no well executed choreography or even thrilling to that matter. Overall, Stuber was alright I guess. I don't recommend this film, if you want to watch it as a rental knock your socks out. Yo Hollywood hit me up, I got a million dollar story idea involving Uber that's going to knock your socks out! -Mitch Smietana

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