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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker I’m Just Happy It’s Over Grade: D+

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It's finally here folks, the epic blockbuster finale no one cares about is finally here... STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER! I honestly didn't need to watch this film, nor did I have much desire for it due to where things were heading. But since I watched the last two and now the final one is here of this trilogy, saga, or whatever it's called... Might as well finish it. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker tells a story about our new beloved Jedi Rey (Daisy Ridley), whom is training for the epic battle awaiting for her. Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) is also awaiting to take down the Jedi, as he was pretty pissed off about what happened last time. Same ole fighter jet battles, same ole light saber battles, but hey now... Couple surprises here and there that will have you go... HUH? I don't want to discuss this new Star Wars movie for long, so I'll be talking about the pros and cons this movie has to offer. I thought the Cinematography, Score, and some Visual Effects were all fine. Sometimes they looked and sounded good here and there, but all too reminiscing to the last two films so it wasn't much special. I also found the sand battle scene kind of fun, despite Mad Max: Fury Road obviously done it better first, but still was kind of fun. The cast all in all was good. I thought Daisy Ridley gave a pretty solid performance, she obviously really enjoys being in these three films and you can tell her acting rage in some scenes that she was putting a good amount of effort in them. Adam Driver was fine returning to his Kylo Ren role, maybe it's because Kylo Ren has become worst each and every film he's in. Like when Adam Driver started out playing Kylo Ren in Force Awakens, I really loved this character. But now with how the direction of the story has gone for this character... He's become incredibly weak over time. Oscar Isacc playing Poe was enjoyable as well, did a fairly good job with his performance too. So here comes my cons with this film. The characters honestly I just didn't like any of them, protagonist or antagonists... I just don't care about any of them. There is not one strong character in this entire film, it's become to the point where you don't care what happens with any of them, The Last Jedi really made every character not worth caring for anymore. Some of the editing was noticeably bad, especially with the Carrie Fisher scenes. Now look props to J.J. Abrams and everyone behind this film paying respect to Carrie Fisher in this film, I know how much she meant for this franchise because without her, a good portion of the film's fan base would not be as popular as it is. But some of these Carrie Fisher scenes felt so out place and felt completely random at certain points, especially during the epic light saber fight between Kylo and Rey... Like that editing choice was unneeded. I think they should've handled it from the beginning and move forward with the story, most of these Carrie Fisher scenes just didn't work with anything the film was going on. The main issue with this film is the story itself, I found it extremely uninteresting and also found it a complete mess. It honestly was the most predictable story I've ever watch, nothing ever surprised you while watching because you knew exactly what's going to happen. J.J. Abrams pretty much changed everything Rian Johnson had done with The Last Jedi, as everything from the previous film doesn't correlate with this film. This is what happens when you listen to the fans rather than have your own vision: You have a product that is honestly one gigantic mess, none of this works at all. Also this film felt no different from the previous two, it honestly felt like watching the same exact film over and over again. You know for an epic conclusion of a saga, I expected somewhat of a punch like Avengers: Endgame did earlier this year. Don't get me wrong I have my issues with that film, but at least it lived up to the hype and brought an exciting conclusion. With Rise of Skywalker... I was honestly either bored or quite baffled in what I was watching. I mean sheesh this is all you can offer for the most popular franchise in film?! Down right pathetic. I don't hate this movie at all, just felt it was whatever and I'm finally happy it's over... If there's more coming I'm skipping them. Overall, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker wasn't a good movie and more than likely will be forgotten. I don't recommend this movie at all, not even for Star Wars fans either. At least I got to watch this film with my co-workers, we had a staff screening at our local theater. Shouts out Devin, McKenna, DJ, Gaje, and Nick coming thru, glad they made this experience bareable. As I'm writing this review, I'm currently watching the Bears game and what do you know... Both the Chicago Bears and this new Star Wars movie have one thing in common: Disappointment. -Mitch Smietana

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