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Spider Man Far From Home A Fairly Decent Spider Man Film That Made Me Smile Grade: B-

Source: IMDB

Spider-Man: Far From Home takes place in the aftermath of Avengers: EndGame, where Peter Parker (Tom Holland) now has to fill in Tony Starks shoes now. Peter wants to escape the reality of his dear friend’s departure, as all focus will be on his school vacation trip in Europe and nothing else. Sadly for Peter Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) wants Peter back to work, to take down this monster from another dimension. Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) is also helping Peter, as who knows maybe Spider Man isn’t cut out for this as the responsibility is too much for him. The Cinematography looked nice, it’s a nice looking film. The Score was good as well, enjoyed Spider Man’s theme song here t’was a lovely tune even though it sounded familiar to the cartoon, it was lovely. The visual effects... I guess fine?! Honestly they weren’t impressive to me except for one scene, kept thinking of the Sand Man from Spider Man 3 majority of the time. The scene with the building and a nearby train was pretty good, that’s where the effects shined the most for me. Also I’ll give the effects for Mysterio credit, I thought they did a pretty good job with him, very accurate towards the cartoon. The cast of this film was better than Spider Man: Homecoming, I’m kind of surprised. Majority of the cast annoyed me last film other than Michael Keaton as Vulture, this time around they became a little more likable, just a couple that stayed the same. Tom Holland annoyed the living hell out of me in Homecoming as the new Spider Man, in Far From Home I gotta say he did much better performance wise. Only problem I have with his performance is his British accent came out a couple scenes, other than that he did a solid job with this one. I felt the story for this character’s arc could’ve been done better, especially with the part where he’s missing Tony Stark as that was extremely under utilized. I think they did a good job with him growing as a person, as well as being able to be capable of handling major responsibility with what comes with being a super hero, very nice. Jake Gyllenhaal decided to finally take a break from chasing after an Oscar, as he has some fun while securing the bag. Gyllenhaal is a wonderful Mysterio, plays the part so well as he brought the well known villain on the big screen to it’s fullest potential. Zendaya playing the love interest MJ was surprisingly much much better, in the last film she was straight up irritating to watch, in this film we finally see some personality in this character as it works well. Holland and Zendaya have wonderful chemistry together this time around, bringing the romantic side plot adored. Samuel L Jackson did a nice job with Nick Fury, a couple of jokes landed with him as well. The adult counselors on the field trip were bad, too many corny jokes that never land once, every time they’re on screen I cringe so badly. Tony Revolori playing Peter’s bully and Spider Man’s number one fan, while being an Instagramer live streamer dude... God Forbid this character SUCKS. Seriously how can Peter Parker possibly be bothered by this dweeb?! I don’t get it, only thing I could think of is how freaking annoying he is. They made this character so obnoxious this time around, easily the most hated character in the entire film, please for the love of God GET RID OF HIM! No disrespect towards Tony Revolori as he already proved in the past he’s a good actor, but man I can’t stand this character at all. Peter’s best friend played by Jacob Batalon was yet again corny, however now he’s got a corny girlfriend now Betty played by Angourie Rice... I rather call them the cheap joke couple, cause that’s all they provided in this film, performances were fine it’s just these characters were completely useless. So we have a few flaws to discuss. As we discussed earlier Peter Parker missing Tony Stark was under utilized, let’s discuss why. In the scene where it all leads to Peter saying he missed Tony, followed by that everywhere Peter goes he just can’t stop having him on his mind... Well there were only two scenes in which the thought of Tony came up to Peters mind. In the beginning I thought we would get a fair amount of scenes where Peter’s work was going to be effected, due to the thought of the departure of Tony Stark is messing up with his mojo, however... We don’t get that all, which I thought was highly disappointing. The film could’ve easily been a little more heartbreaking and emotional, doesn’t have to be dark, but we should sense Peter being drained mentally by the thought of Stark as we barely get it at all. Everyone was hollering how great the comedy in this film is... To me it was pretty damn mediocrity. Not my taste in humor, I feel there needs to be effort involved in creating clever jokes instead of just corny cheesy popsicle stick humor. Also no, the Blip jokes and Peter tingle jokes were never funny... Those jokes can go Blip themselves. The villains motivation was kind of weak, it’s passable because to me this film is a ridiculous cartoon in a good way, so I’ll let it slide but yeah it was weak. Ah the plot twist... You had a clever plot twist, but the way it was set up was WAY too obvious. As soon as these characters sat down, I thought “Yup as I knew all along, that was the villain”... Make it less obvious, it’s a clever plot twist but you made it way too obvious as it came off predictable. I wasn’t a fan of Spider Man Homecoming, it was an average at best super hero film. Spider Man Far From Home was slightly better this time around, I had a nice time. This film feels like a ridiculous cartoon to me, but for this super hero and this film that’s where it works well. The story was pretty goofy, but in a fairly good way because Spider Man films should be goofy. I felt the goofiness of the story shined the most in the third act, especially the two final action scenes as they were absolutely enjoyable to watch, it just felt fun to me. The whole romantic side plot of Peter hoping to win MJ over was pretty cute, honestly enjoyable to watch as it was nice. Majority of the film felt enjoyably average to me, but once the plot twist comes to play, the goofiness of the entire thing comes in full effect as it works really well, as you feel like a kid watching the cartoon. When comparing the other Spider Man films, this won’t rank high on my list. But at least with this film, I can look back at it, as I say to myself, “Ah Far From Home, that was nice.” Overall, Spider Man Far From Home was a fairly decent film that I enjoyed. I recommend this film, it’s a cool little movie. So I didn’t watch two of the end credit scenes, as soon as this film cut to black I ran straight to the other theater for Midsommar because I wasn’t going to miss a second of that. I did watch a spoiler review video on YouTube, so I can at least know what they were... The first being cool, as ok this could be fun for the future of Spider Man. The other one I honestly don’t care at all, I’m sure Marvel Fan Boy nerds will be hyped, but for me.... Ehhhhh whatever duuuuuuude. -Mitch Smietana

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